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Jan-Peter de Jager

MY misery (MIJN ellende) stringquartet

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Yesterday and today I made a little musical joke called 'MIJN ellende'. Don't take it too serious :-) The melody is based on my own name, Jean Langlais made a system in wich you can interpret the letters of your name to notes. I also used a rhythm based on my the syllables name. My arrogance!!

It's pretty dramatic and sentimental. Therefore I used some subtitles. In English they are:

Bar 1 Misery on the day I was born

Bar 11 Misery on the day of my first step

Bar 21 Misery on the day of the start of my relationship

Bar 26 Misery on the day of my marriage

Bar 31 Oh! Miserable existence!  I love you!

Because misery is a consistent element throughout the piece its all the time more or less the same melody and rhythm. Do you think that works out good?

(It's my name although it's not autobiographical in case you wondered)


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