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J. Lee Graham

Sextet in E-flat for 2 Violins, 2 Violas, and 2 Violoncelli

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Sextet in E-flat for 2 Violins, 2 Violas, and 2 Violoncelli

1.  Allegro (Sonata Form)

2.  Andante teneramente (Sonata Form)

3.  Menuetto:  Allegro spiritoso

4.  Allegro molto (Rondo Form)

Style:  Late Classical, circa 1790-1800

Composed:  25 October, 2018 - 26 February, 2019 at Austin

I was right in the middle of composing my Six Quartets for 2 Violas and 2 Violoncelli this past autumn when the germ for this piece came to me like a bolt from the blue.  I very quickly composed the opening movement, and by the beginning of January, the second and third movements were complete.  Over the last couple of months I've been working on the last movement intermittently, and completed it just this evening.  

There aren't very many works for this instrumentation in the repertoire, and aside from a set of six by Luigi Boccherini, none in the Classical style.  

I think I'll let the music say the rest as I'm exhausted now.  I do hope you enjoy this work.  I surely had a blast writing it!    



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