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Instrumental piano arrangement

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Not sure of the best forum to post to, so I figured I give this one a try. I’m an amateur and this is my first attempt at making any kind of composition. I envision this maybe becoming an instrumental piece eventually, only right now I’m trying to start out with a piano arrangement. I’m making the song using Apple’s GarageBand. I would appreciate any constructive feedback people are willing to give.


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Could be a pop song of some sort.

Try and define what exactly you were trying to do,

then ask yourself- should it really be as repetitive? Can I change something? The harmony? Maybe the rhythm?

Should I develop my motive further? Should I add a counter motive? Maybe I should simply try and compose something new just to keep composing?

My first piece was... awkwardly repetitive ... looked something like that:


because I just thought like "isn't this rhythmic idea cool" and basically kept it exactly the same during the entire piece (I think it's about 3 minutes long).

Of course, it could be used for something. a repetitive pattern can contribute a lot to a piece's texture (https://youtu.be/APIKVLw1tT0).

Yet, you might want to give a further thought to your piece, try some new grounds.

The worst thing that could happen really is that you'll hear how it sounds, would not think it's as good, and then try something else or go back to your familiar ground.




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