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Hey gang,

I posted this piece earlier when I was in the middle of writing it. Here is the finished product. This is the piece I composed over the spring semester during my first semester of composition lessons at the university I am attending. 

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

(P.S. Evidently when you use Petrucci font in Finale, the tremolo stops working, so that's why it appears in the score, but is not in the MP3 [do the midi problems ever end...?])

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The whole notes felt a little oppressive here, I had a hard time feeling where the phrase was headed - the pacing could have helped guide me. Are all the notes equally important? Should they all have received the same duration? Something to think about and listen for during revision stuff.image.png.50b5d00e77ce836eb80ab425ee8608ad.png


Love this! The work before-hand was also very patient but also created a sense of motion.


Mvt. IV also has some good work in it. Be careful in the clusters not to let your sense of direction stop - too much "stop & go" can be jarring, it made me lose track of where we were going.

Good composition - keep working!


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