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My Body and Soul in Your Hands - Piece for symphony orchestra (live recording)

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I'm very excited to share this with you all! My short piece for symphonic orchestra was premiered a few weeks ago, and I've managed to get the recording and learn how to make a video with score. It's a bit tough to see, though, so I'll upload it here as well. 


A bit of background on the piece:


Johan Emanuel Nyström was a man who lived in the town I currently reside who, in the 1700s, sold his soul to the Devil for money. He went to the town Church and on a piece of parchment wrote a contract with the devil in pig's blood. That contract is on display at the town's museum now, so we have our own little ghost story, in a sense. He is documented as paying his taxes and being active in the Church up until the date written on the contract - after which he seems to disappear from history. This piece is based on his journey after his disappearance - the devil comes to take his soul, then knocking on the gates of Hell, and that Johan comes to terms with the choices he's made, and the consequences he faced.

"Min kropp och själ i dina händer", or "My body and soul in your hands" is a line taken from the contract.


Hope you enjoy!



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I really like the solo timpani interjections - I'd have a great time playing that part!

I was worried that once it got faster it would lose the same harmonic intensity that it had to begin with (I think the strings outlining the simple B minor chord were a bit unexpectedly simple) but as soon as other instruments come in with extra notes/material it sounded great. I was a little taken aback by how short the faster section was - I felt that one minute wasn't enough to fully integrate it into the otherwise slower and hymn-like piece, especially since the last minute of the piece is relatively calm and static.

It sounds like a really good performance - what was the orchestra?

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Hi Mathieux,

Impressive composition skills and performance. 

Quite a long way you must have completed before reaching this musical span.

Great applause 👏👍🙂

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