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Prelude in Bb minor

Do you think this prelude could be developed as the backbone of a song?  

  1. 1. If you think this could be the backbone of a song, which genre do you think would be best for it?

    • Jazz
    • Rock
    • Other(if so what genre?)
  2. 2. If you think this is fit for jazz, should I go standard or big band?

    • Standard
    • Big band
  3. 3. If you think this is fit for rock, what subgenre?

    • Heavy metal
    • Some other subgenre(if so, which subgenre?)

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So this is a composition that I improvised on the spot. It is incomplete right now. As you can tell when you listen to it, there is a rocking feel to the bass line, what with all those fifths. At the speed at which I have it going in this prelude, I don't know if you hear it this way, but it almost sounds as though bass guitar and drums have been combined into the bass staff of the piano. Like harmonic drumbeats almost. I was composing this, thinking more along the lines of a prelude in Classical music, but the more I listen to it, the less Classical it sounds and the more it sounds like the harmonic and melodic backbone of a song.

So, I was thinking that because it feels to me like the backbone of a song, that I should turn this Prelude into a song. I was thinking either Jazz or Rock. To me personally, it sounds more like Rock and even more specifically, Heavy Metal. But of course, I'm being a little biased there. I have been exposed to more Rock music in my life than I have been exposed to Jazz.

So I was wanting your opinion on it, which is why I added a poll to my post. And so that you can look at and listen to my Prelude, here it is:


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