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The Haunting Filled the Orchestra

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First post here. Here's a piece I recently wrapped up. (Mod's, if this is the wrong sub please feel free to move)

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Very nice piece for only having two chords. Just goes to show you, music doesn’t have to be complicated to be interesting. You pulled it off. It is indeed a dark piece and would play nicely in a suspenseful movie scene for sure. I don’t know if it’s just because I love minor 6 chords but the second of the of the two chords has an implied minor 6 in my ears... I can’t tell if it’s really in there or not. That doesn’t matter anyway because the piece works. Great build up. I really like where it becomes rhythmic with the arco? strings.. I might have my terminology wrong (is arco a sort of chop, chop on the strings?) Anyway, you’ve also made effective use of the percussion towards the end with the big cymbals along side the higher strings. Nicely done!

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I've never listened to something with so few chord changes and still been so engaged. The gradual build up is great where it isnt rushed but also isn't drawn out too long, and you keep it interesting by only making small changes along the way (nothing too jarring that feels out of place). Well done. I could imagine this being played over a part of a movie where a character is having a terrible plot-twisting realization. Anyways I love it 🙂 

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