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Freedom Of The Press

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I wrote this tune when CNN’s Jim Acosta was attacked by Trump at a White House briefing a while back. I have a few lyrics... I hate writing lyrics!

Verse 1 starts at 0:19, sing your heart out...
Verse 1)
Jim Acosta was accosted by the president
By the yellow headed dirty evil resident
Jim he really kept his cool
While the bully played the fool
Just like his T-V show

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i should have expected the march style... Gah! Wish you'd sung the vocals so we could at least hear them, but I get the jist. There's a market out there for humor songs, especially about current events, you should definitely share it with the vocals and maybe some real instrumentalists. Shouldn't be terribly hard to find a few local musicians (college, old retired musicfolks, etc.) who would be willing to read down your piece. You never know what could be your break. Melodically it's good, I think you could have had some stronger supporting parts. Consider varying the texture and presentation of the melodic/supporting material to outline the form and provide some moments for the listeners to grab onto.

Keep writing!

Gustav Johnson

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