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String ensemble

Samuel Tang

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Just finished a piece for string ensemble (violins,  viola, cello) for fun haha, using a mixture of common harmonic progression and unusual chromatic harmonies. Please feel free to give suggestions (including the name of the piece !)

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So after listening to your Sea Symphony, I decided to see if you'd posted any other music here... looks like you've been busy! You apparently are moved by the same musical "spirit" that moves me; your pieces resonate with me. Like, a lot. This one was no exception.

I loved this! The harmonies and chords were unexpected but not distasteful—they followed the natural course of the human ear. There were a couple of passages where an arco was followed immediately by a pizz... that won't be playable... maybe give a slight rest at the end before that final pizz. Stupid humans only have two hands. Why must we consider their physical limitations when the spirit moves us?

Again, fantastic job with thematic development! There are many budding composers out there (and seasoned, as well) that cause me to wonder if maybe their music has taken a wrong turn, but yours has a clear destination in mind and lots of gorgeous scenery on the way. Keep up the great work!

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