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Here is a little impromptu I wrote a few weeks ago. What do you think ?


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On 9/25/2019 at 7:21 PM, Luis Hernández said:

Beatufitul and dreamy piece with intense moments. It has a strong structure (form). I also like your moderate use of the ornaments.


Thank you for you kind comment !

On 9/25/2019 at 8:04 PM, Tónskáld said:

Very impressive little work! I liked that it flowed so beautifully yet still kept me guessing. I had to listen to the very end because I had to know how you tied everything up.

Great job! I look forward to hearing more of your work!


Thanks 🙂 You will be able to listen very soon a new piece of mine, i'm currently composing the 3rd movement of a piano concert 🙂 

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Nice piece, with a clear flow and coherence. Quite influenced by Chopin, but that´s OK with me. Only one thing - I found the bass line (i.e. the left hand part) in bar 45 to be problematic. For me, it did not make sense for the transistion to the next bar. There are some other l.h. parts in the adagio section, which could be slightly improved ( however, this is probably only a matter of my personal taste).  

But my general impression is: Good work!


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A very lovely piece indeed. I almost fear praising you too much, but I found that while the themes and writing in general was influenced by Chopin to some degree they were still fascinating and original. Combined with the carefree yet romantic feel you have so expertly conveyed it is certainly one of my favorite compositions of recent years, and I must admit that I have already listened to it several times. Personally, If I was performing this piece I would probably be very tempted to play the main theme from Measure 3 onwards a bit faster than the tempo you have prescribed, perhaps even more so when it returns later on, but that is only because I would be so engrossed in it’s beauty. Though it is really only a matter of personal opinion I also thought the section preceding the Adagio from Measure 38 - 41 was a bit harsh, but that takes nothing away from the fact that it is a piece I would love to see in concert one day. Bravo!

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@Theodore Servin @Jean Szulc Thank you all for you kind comments, It is really a pleasure !

On 10/20/2019 at 12:58 AM, Sahir Haider said:

This is a wonderful little impromptu !  I can only imagine it would sound even better in a real piano performance ...

On 10/20/2019 at 8:11 AM, Fruisen said:

I would love to see in concert one day.

I'd like this piece to be played, unfortunately there is little chance that it will ever happen..


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