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Dark Forest - algorithmic approach


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I wrote this as a short loop. It doesn't really have an ending. I hope it captures the uneasiness you might feel in a dark forest. I always compose using an algorithmic process. I hope you enjoy the results.

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That's really nice!

I sometimes felt like I didn't know if the line I was listening to was actual main melody.

For example: around 0:09, I'm unsure if the melody is moving or if it's just the accompaniment dragging my attention.

It's not a problem, it's just something to think about. It may also be a problem of the MIDI, blurring out the real interpretation you'd give to the piece.

Besides that, I like it a lot and i think it fits the purpose.

Good job!

Best wishes, Jean!

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Hi, thanks for the kind words! 

If I know which moment you're referring to, the melody does have a little downward "tail" at the end of that phrase. As you said, it would be easier to express if I played it live.

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