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Hello everyone!

The last week I've worked on an arrangement of a folk/trad song. It's originally called "Have you seen the ghost of tom". I find the melody quite melancolic and in the first part of the piece I try to express that feeling. But later I tried to make it brighter and more heroic like "a toast to Tom!". Anyway, that was what I was thinking of making this piece. I had a great time making this one! 

Any feedback or criticism is appreciated? 


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I think that you've made a beautiful piece.

The second part didn't really feel heroic, but it felt stronger, 1:14 is the part where people would probably burst into tears.

Felt like this: https://youtu.be/eY49xEQGqMw?t=55

I like both folk music, cello and emotional pieces, your piece felt like a great combination of these elements.

I had fun listening to it and listened four times before moving to other pieces.



*1:26 is this a Dorian mode chord?

I'm sorry I'm kind of addicted to Dorian can't ignore it when my ear hears a "brighter minor"


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