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An original piece by the young composer / arranger Drake King.

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Not letting me open Noteflight without an account so you're going to have to bear with me.
First, and this is just personal philosophy: don't try to make an audience hear anything in your piece. It'll just lead to you being disappointed.
I'm going to focus on one aspect of the composition that gets to me, which is pretty much most of your writing for the left hand. Your B section has some good rhythmic intrigue but places like 1:38 are completely static and uninteresting because of the lack of color your give your left hand. There are also so many octaves in this section without use of inner compound melody that a lot of the rhythmic intrigue introduced in the right hand is mitigated.
Another example is the end, where you have these really big octaves in the low register and really high stuff in the right hand. This stratification increases the range, but none of it is filled in with counterpoint or inner voice chords making it sound ironically empty. You can use your left hand stuff to greater effect by not being so functionally fixated on its "lower" tendencies.

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To tell the truth, I don't belive (in generall, not only in this case) in describing what music is suppose to mean. I agree with many people that music doesn't mean anything by itself.

I couldn't see the score. You should make it easier for the audience, it's not difficult to upload a pdf file.

The piece sounds standard. The melody is nice but I agree that the left hand needs some activity. The way it sounds it's almost percussive.

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