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Romantic Piano Ballade in C Major - "A Daydream"


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Piece No.5 Op.3 in C Major - "A Daydream".

This is my first attempt in composing a romantic "Ballade" - like piece.

It is slightly inspired by works of composers of the romantic period, such as Franz Liczt, Felix Mendelssohn and others.

This piece is considered to be a ballade or nocturne and it follows the simple pattern A - B - C - A:

A: main theme in C Major

B: first intermediate theme in C Major

C : second intermediate theme in F Major

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy!

Comments are welcome! 

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On 11/23/2019 at 1:08 AM, Theodore Servin said:

It's very beautiful! I like this kind of simple beauty, where one can be carried away by innocent and beautiful melodies and harmonies. The title "Daydream" is very apt for this piece. 😄


Hi Theodore, thank you very much!



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5 hours ago, J.Santos said:

Sounds great!! I think it would be great if you used C minor instead of C major in the middle section, it would give it more color, and it already has!

If you provided score I could have made a theoric feedback, but it all seems right at first.


Hi J.Santos! Thanks a lot for listening to this piece. Yes, it would have been nice to use C minor in the middle section.

I am not a trained musician, neither in playing the piano, nor in music theory. I composed this piece in the piano roll of FL Studio and I unfortunately don't have a score. I will try to write a score for the piece I'm currently composing.

Thanks anyway and KR


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