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piano concerto in G minor mvt 1

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the expositions of my piano concerto in G minor as well as the beginning of the development. any feedback welcome.

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Greetings! I enjoyed getting to listen to your composition; thanks for posting. 

First of all, I want to say that I think it's clear that you are very passionate about the music you write. There's a great sense of a confidence expressed in this work. I would recommend two primary things:

- Get familiar with one of the big books on orchestration (my favorite at the moment is Orchestration by Rimsky-Korsakov, but there are varying opinions on which one is "best"). While there's nothing wrong, per se, with your ideas, they could be expressed with better technique (from an orchestration perspective).

- Secondly, study as many piano concertos as you can. Look at ones that are similar to this genre as well as ones that are different. I'd suggest you pay particular attention to the way different composers use their own harmonic language and then decide if there is anything that you would perhaps like to add to your own. Also, make a point to observe how composers have had the piano and orchestra interact with each other in the past.

I think this is a fine start on your piece, and I admire you for putting it up here for review while it is still a work in progress. I hope these suggestions are of some help, and good luck on the piece!

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Overall, some good ideas.

I agree with celloman99 regarding the orchestration. You seem to break the orchestra up into the choirs without any interplay whatsoever -which isn't a bad thing (certainly not the first to do this, I mean). However, knowing how to orchestrate would make these sections much more interesting.

Thematically, you have a lot of material here to work with. As celloman99 stated, I'd recommend studying the literature to get an idea on how to handle your material in terms of the genre. You CAN write some pretty complex pieces with very little thematic material. What I would do is pour over your score and find the ideas that appeal the most to you. This could be a simple 4 note pattern or motif or a full 8 measure sentence. And then devote one section to exploring the possibilities with it. I hope that makes sense?

Again, good ideas! Can't wait to hear how you develop them.

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