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Piano Sonata #1


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Sometimes inspiration comes from different places: a car passing by in front of you, leaves rustling in the wind, the username of a member of an online forum, or simply... it just is. My first sonata was inspired by one of these three things. Ironically, as long as I've been composing, this is my first... complete (well, somewhat, I'll probably renovate some of the movements later) piano sonata.

I. Allegretto Grazioso: The entire sonata rests on the motif found in the bass. 5 simple notes. The motif in this movement is treated to development in a type of hybridized sonata form. 

II. Adagio Sostenuto: This is one of the movements that I'll probably strengthen later. The form is basic ABA'. I wanted the A section to have a solemn quality to it. Resignation. The middle section introduces some new material -but again is heavily resting on the 5 note motif found in the first movement.

III. Presto - Andante con moto: The five note motif becomes the basis of the scalar material utilized in the first half of this movement. Despite being a tad basic, it provided some interesting sonorities -particularly with the infusion of chromaticism. The second half of this movement features snapshots of material utilized in the previous two movements (for the sake of maintaining cohesion throughout the piece). 

All in all, I'm fairly satisfied with this work. I'll most likely update the second movement -and the second half of the third. 

Hope you all enjoy!

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Something about the repeated melody note in the chord after the main figure irked me for some reason. It's okay when the chord is repeated.
Beaming in mm. 29-37. I know it's trying to highlight the figure, but it just comes off as confusing. 
The repeat to the beginning maybe should happen a little earlier (or a different transition), since the restart seems a little strange after a winddown passage like that.
Good counterpoint before the subito.
Not a huge fan of the ending. Couldn't really tell you why, unfortunately. Felt like a buildup, I guess. 

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The first movement started out nicely until the chromatic note runs, which overall, seemed almost comical because of their distance of character from the nice chord progression you set up. You were going for contrasts here I  see. Sometimes they work and sometimes not.

I like the solemness of the 2nd movement and the vitality of the 3rd. But again, the infusion of chromaticism struck me as weirdly comical, maybe because of its juxtaposition. But overall an enjoyable piece.

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