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Macabre is an hybrid orchestral piece that I wrote for a friend's tabletop rpg called Oddland. It is a world of mystery, oddity (as you can imagine) and plots. I had a lot of fun playing with how the brasses and strings could sound in the big hybrid drops.

Main Vst's I used: Omnisphere synths, Spitfire Albion, the gentleman, and quite a lot of sound design to get to that creepy/hybrid/big feel.

I hope you'll enjoy this one.


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I LOVE THIS GENRE OF MUSIC! I listen to this stuff all the time, so I can't wait to get into it.

So far so good. I love the string entrance at 0:50! Something about the piano "smacks" seem a little strange to me. Are they being sent to the reverb? Maybe they feel dry to me... IDK. awesome synth at 1:50. Maybe build that phrase to the end of it. The synths you have going at the drop (2:30) are super well done. I found myself wanting more of a volume build going into, though, like how they BLAST our ear drums on the radio or with trailer soundtracks. Nice "siren" synth in the background around 3:00-3:30, I like how it never really settles into key or anything, a nice touch. More electronics to balance the strings and brass? BIGGER drums?!? Especially the snare, I really want that to punch through. Your best moment of drums starts at 4:14. Everything there could probably be more articulate. I haven't the foggiest how you'd accomplish that, since I don't have good sound libraries... I'd just tell my strings to dig into their strings more aggressively, but computers don't understand that haha.

A great track! Really the things I mentioned are opinions more than anything.



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I feel like this is a lot of buildup to something that never really came. 
A perfect fifth to a fourth in the ostinato is interesting because it recontextualizes the fourth in either a split or arpeggiated harmonic context. It would have been interesting to see more done with that especially in the upper parts defying or adhering to the guideline.
Well-designed, overall.

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