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Question from Exercsies in Melody (Percy Goetschius)

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Hello all. I want to first apologize as this is a question for myself, not a discussion. However I could not find the Ask YC subforum.

I've been studying the book and I find it very methodical. It is completely free to download for anyone interested.

I found a line I can't seem to understand. On page 18, par. 30:

"The leap of an octave is allowed from any tone, upward or downward (according to the low or high pitch of the tone from which the leap is to be made). This is simply a wider version par. 9a."

Assuming I haven't made any wide leaps recently, does this mean I can leap an octave whenever? For example in C major, can I write a melody like: C, B, (leap an octave down) B, C? That doesn't seem right to me and that seems inconsistent with what the book has taught up until that point. Thank you.


EDIT: can an admin move the thread to Composer's headquarters? I accidentally posted here.

30 exercises in melody.png

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Looks like an interesting book. Where I can download it? Looks like something I could get into.

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The author is simply denoting that  octave leaps are permitted from any note on the stave. The author is not necessarily suggesting that leaping from an arbitrary note results in good melodic practice.

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