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I like the rhythmic drive. The change at 0:14 is nice, the way the opening builds up. I can hear that each individual part is quite complex - this makes it interesting to listen to. 0:20 didn't feel quite right to me. I'm not sure what it is, but it seemed to lose the pulse (strange when everything is so rhythmic).

At about 1:17, I think the bass instruments (are they low strings?) could be mixed a bit louder. They seem to have an interesting part.

I think this whole thing could do with brass or synth brass to help punch out the melodic accents. At points, it felt like the strings were a bit weak.

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@aMusicComposer Thank you, I'll see if I can find out which instruments are causing the rhythmic loss, not sure if it's phase cancellation or the percussion timing. I'll probably lower the volume of the surrounding instruments then boost the low strings at the chorus for more rhythm. Also I'll see what I can do for the brass accents, I have trombones, french horns, and tubas, bass trombones, but they're limited on the articulations only sustains and staccatos I think (no cymbasso or other brass available at the moment). 

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