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Some revived works that I put into NotePerformer

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I liked the harmony of the piece, however a quick note, during the flute soli you should put the flutes in the upper register, having the flutes playing in the mid register takes away from the brilliance and tone they posses in the upper register, obviously this is not a set in stone rule, but many composers choose to do so.

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Thats really nice, thought the arrangement is curious. For the trumpet register, I think a piccolo trumpet would fit better, it has a brither register and extended in the high range and the harpsichord with only bass chef is strange, unless you pretend it to be a figured bass, so I would indicate Basso Continuo, because I hear a cello as well :).

anyway the counterpoint is great 😉

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@Kudo Anastasia 

Thanks for your comment. I like the flute in the lower register, it is easier on the ears for me. It is being played as a solo with only the continuo.


Your right, a piccolo trumpet is more appropriate, but I don't know if it is a listed instrument in Sibelius, I'll take a look. Yes, I was going for a continuo, I'm just lazy and didn't put the figured bass. Thanks

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