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This is my 1st orchestra chamber piece...

Hope everyone enjoys!!!

A Lovers Dilemma (1).mp3

Sheet Music: https://flat.io/score/5eb99ee6ae694208449213c9-a-lovers-dilemma

Edited by Nicholas Solis
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1) Fix your title. It should be "A Lover's Dilemma"

2) Generally, Chamber orchestra will always have 2 violin parts.

3) Need measure numbers ...BADLY

4) I get what you are trying to do.  It's a great concept.  Still, develop the first idea even more.  That could be developed for another 2-3 minutes. The ostinato-like figure in the 1st violin comes WAY to quick. 

5) If this is a chamber piece, then you won't need double stops.  They can do divisi instead.

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