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Minuet for flute in D


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one thing comes to my mind when I hear your beautiful melody. 

The anacrouse A D (that I will call x) tends to repeat itselfs a little bit too much, as it is already introducing the theme (b. 1, 18). 

If we look at bars 8 to 11 (b. 8-11) x ends the theme then immediately repeats itself (either by hearing the theme again or the trio). If you try to replace x by an other possibility you might gain in diversity. 

To replace x, (b. 8-9) I'd say that D C# D will be the most common solution. This works also for the last bars.

(b. 10-11) we can think about A A or D D. Most importantly in any case it will have repercutions on  b.12-15 because you are doing a sequence. 


I hope it was helpfull 🦸‍♂️

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