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Outside the Window (Art Song)

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The Tree Outside the Window | Peerless Cynic

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Very nice!  My favorite part is measures 23 and 24.  Borrowing from E major before foreshadowing the move to the relative major (A major) with that A minor chord was very affecting.  It looks like the words to the song have been redacted in the pdf?  I wish I could read the words.  Nice job!

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Lovely!  I'd like to know what the words are as well!  

You use every inch of the standard soprano range here.  This piece will be a lovely show piece for many singers, but you would open your works up to more voices and potentially increase the number of performances, and the quality of those performances if you were slightly more conservative in your use of range for future pieces.  For singers, the body is the instrument.  If you have even a little cold, you tend to lose the extremes of your range for a few days.  If you want to go this high, but don't also go quite so low, singers and their pianists can do an emergency transposition down a step if necessary, without bottoming out.  You could also provide a transposition in a key suitable for mezzo voice, and pick up a few more performances.  

This is great!

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