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Spectral Techniques : Analysis of a composition

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Hello community! 

I wanted to share with you this article about Analysing a piece through spectral techniques which I found very interesting!

I started to learn about this topic recently and truly caught me up.

What would you recommend me to know more about it? How do you develop a piece like this? 

Stay safe 🙂





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Thankfully no more on this then. I was trying to make sense of it as a genre but most of the stuff I read was like the stuff that comes from the north end of a south-bound bull. I don't think it's useful to describe a genre by describing what it's not.

Such examples as I bothered to listen to were pastiche electroacoustic music, nebulous enough to be inconsequential except to a very narrow audience. Having said that, I can be fascinated by traffic noises in town or those on a building site which I've used in concrète.

One thing I was hoping for was continuity of some kind (since it's classed as "composed" music). It wasn't there. Maybe I need to listen to a few others. By comparison, Toshio Hosokawa was easy to engage with.


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