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One of my early piano pieces. I hadn't originally conceived it as such, but after I played it to my dad he mentioned that it sounds kind of Chinese (and I realised that it does use the pentatonic scale quite heavily) so I gave it this title. Just a fun light-hearted little piece. Feedback welcome! I'd be especially interested to know if anyone has comments on the way I change the thematic material when repeating it.


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I liked this.  Although I expected it to be a little more consistently diatonic - some of the chromatic passing tones feel like they're out of character for this kind of piece.  In meas. 6 the right hand has that G# chromatic neighbor tone which you also (unnecessarily imo) include in the left hand accompaniment - it would have sounded fine with a G natural.  Same kind of story at the end of meas. 7 which I think is one of those times which I thought the chromatic passing tone doesn't really sound right - I would have used an E as the very last note of that measure in both the left and right hand, but that's just my opinion - feel free to ignore.  Overall I thought it was a neat concept and adequate execution.  I also did a similar themed piece around the concept of a "Golem" which is a clay figurine come to life.  Thanks for sharing!

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