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Cello concerto n°1 in E minor

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Hi all,

Been away from composition for several months. End of year vacations and some life tribulations were the occasion to let inspiration come back, and after a short string trio I didn't share here, I remembered about this first movement of a cello concerto I had started in summer 2018, letting it aside.

So here it is, finished. It may lack some variations and the VSTs don't render the cello's staccato for instance. Hope you'll like it anyway 🙂

Next movements to come in a few weeks/months.


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I do hope that if this were performed a cellist would give your introductory cello melody more life than this rendering does (I don't know if you intended it to be played in strict tempo but it seems like it could use some rubato).  Also I would be wary to give the cello double stops of a tritone in the range in which you did there in the introduction.  I feel like the writing in general not just for the cello is a bit underwhelming in this and you maybe could have used some more virtuosic variations of you melodies (maybe using the technique of diminution to give the themes more energy and vitality?)  Right now it just seems like a melancholy mood set for cello and orchestra rather than a concerto which is meant to really show off the cellists abilities and build a kind of interplay between the soloist and the orchestra.  Overall it was enjoyable for what it was which is more of a melancholic mood.  Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for feedback @PaperComposer 🙂

About the rendering I agree with you : hinted at it in my introductory comment. 

I'm aware of this "show the soloist's skills" vocation of many concertos. Thought about it while writing, but it's not the way my inspirational flow came out.

About the melancholic mood, beware of the upcoming adagio, which I already started and will go deeper into that way, though, while I won't give another term, this word "melancholic" sounds to me a little bit too pessimistic 😉

Bon appétit, since it's lunch time in California 🙂

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