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Symphony in the old style Movement 2

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Feedback appreciated also technical feedback would be good.

I used Finale and Garratin Personal orchestra and then an old copy of windows live movie maker to do the youtube score.

I was wondering if I should save in 1080 and with a WAV also is it a good idea to use Ableton for reverb and filters as I have live 10 standard.

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I think some of the cello rhythms lack articulation in this and as a result are smeared into each other and indistinct.  If you felt like repeated 16th notes maybe didn't speak as clearly as you would have liked staccato you could have employed a tenuto mark over a staccato to separate the notes from each other while still retaining some length.

On the whole I thought this set quite a moody and melancholy atmosphere like someone is worrying about something while this music is playing (also it sounds like it could be used in a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci or some other important Renaissance or Enlightenment figure).  I liked it quite a lot despite how it basically stayed monothematic throughout.  Nice job!

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