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is this singable?


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You can put in rests, but you don't have to.  That's the sort of thing directors often sort out in rehearsal.  Big groups have enough people to stagger breathe and sing an endless line, seemingly without stopping for breath.  Smaller groups will decide where breathing makes the most sense according to the text, the flow of the melody, and how the different parts interact with each other, as well as factoring the lung capacity of their actual singers.  Different singers have different anatomy, so some need to build in more quick catch breaths where others can just keep pumping out sound.  I usually write in rests or a breath marking when it feels like everyone is definitely going to want to breath in a particular spot.  It saves time in rehearsal when it's already in the score and the director doesn't need to stop and discuss it with everyone.  But when it feels like there are several possible ways it could be handled, I leave it unmarked, or add a suggested breath in parentheses:  (').  Which says, here's a spot you might want to breath, but it's not compulsory.  Use a rest if there is a musical reason to specify the exact duration of the breath.  Use a breath mark if a breath in that spot is desired, but the conductor's interpretation of the piece can determine exactly how long it should be, or if it's just too fussy to clutter the score with a million 1/8th rests, or whatever they are.  

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