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This is a piece of chance music for any combination of instruments. The basic elements of it are 38 phrases vary from 1 to 10 bars. They can be combined vertically and horizontally at random. Everyone of them can be arranged into any octave position on the score. So, the performer must be careful to accord with other performers to secure the coordination of the music. This piece doesn't have a ready-made full score. The specific form of it depends on the improvisations of the performers on basic elements, and therefore each new performance can be counted as a new piece. The audio demonstrated 3 combinations, while the actual combinations are far from these. Isn't it an insteresting thing that performer can use his imagination to create infectious music and take part in the composing process? This kind of avant-garde technique absoultely get rid of the tradition that the performer had been imprisoned by score. It is a fresh new way to organize music. It is not only chance music, but also minimalism. chance music+minimialism=impromptu minimalism. Hope you like it!

The video: 作品4之5 重复的艺术_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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Nice job!  I really liked the result of this particular performance/pairing of the various different motifs.  I do wonder how a group of performers would go about making their performance quite as graceful as this though.  There are some pairs of motifs that would go together quite poorly imo.  And in this performance the instruments only choose the motifs which are idiomatic for their instrument.  I understood from your description that each performer is expected to cycle through all 38 motifs at one point or another?  I don't think you did that in this particular performance as it seems it would take forever and it also wouldn't be as musical.  Anyways - I actually enjoyed listening so great job!  And thanks for sharing!

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