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Trouble with the "Code" feature when creating a new post

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I was trying to embed a YouTube video in my post by pasting the HTML code into the Code window. However, when I preview it (by clicking the rightmost Preview button), nothing comes out; instead, all I see are lines of code. I thought the Preview feature was supposed to show exactly the content I wanted to post, including the YouTube clip. I wonder how the other members did it.

Initially, I thought that something was wrong with the code. I tried modifying the code by inserting the tags ("html", "head", "body", and "div" tags), but nothing worked. Is the Code feature designed to display or execute the code?

Please help.

Carl Koh Wei Hao

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You're not supposed to use the 'code' feature to embed a YouTube video.  You just paste the link into your message as if you had typed it out on the keyboard (although i assume you use the ctrl-c, copy and ctrl-v, paste functions to do that).  Like this:  https://youtu.be/xnoxNEgOw-s (except I had to click the option at the bottom of the window that allows you to just post the link instead of embedding in order to get it to look like this)  Usually it would just automatically embed like this:  



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