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Philippians 4:13

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A piece for encouraging myself to be brave and strong

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What sound library are you using?  I don't think it's doing justice to the score.  Have you tried NotePerformer?  Also, I noticed you use very hardy any slurs ... some slur groupings might soften the lyrical line.  At the moment the constant emphasis on the first beat in the 3/4 makes it a bit "square".  Overall, a very pretty piece with a lovely melody.

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Nice piece.

Some suggestions.

It's weird you write legato in the strings and, afterwards, put some long slurs. In general, expression slurs aren't used in strings. Besides, if you indicate legato, you need to write when it ends (non-legato).

In other wind instruments the "rule" is putting slurs, but you write legatos in many parts.

The other issue is the balance of the instruments. In general terms, most instruments can play between pp and ff, except the piano and the strings. Brass can play fff, too. But you have to check the register. Piccolos and flutes for example can't play pp at high tesitura.

On the other hand, volume balance should be achieved adding or not using some instruments. 

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