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Orchestral music - the alchemist oboe

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Nice touch adding that dies irae melody in there.  You manage to just touch on it without it overpowering your whole piece.  It's a very dynamic and dramatic piece - I just wish I had the score to look at to examine what's happening more closely.  It's kind of action packed - I picture more a battle between two armies than an alchemist brewing potions.  Nice animation to your video - is that from some kind of MMO RPG?  Really great job - thanks for sharing!

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Many many thanks for your positive feedback. I'm so happy you liked it !

here is the score (draft). Some parts of it are definitely about armies, indeed. Especially on page 13, bar 84 onwards, the army and the weapons are under construction. And at bar 113, they go in the battle.

Thanks for the "dies irae" mention, I was desperately looking for it. Now, I know it, thanks !

the animation was made with Twinmotion, a wonderful piece of software primarily aimed at architectural visualization : easy to use, powerful, free for non commercial purpose.

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