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Summer Is Over - Which Version do you like

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I am back to Fusion Jazz as I was composing some years ago. Those who know me will recognize the excess in every way such as many theme changes, full hands piano chords, and over-orchestration but what can I do. This is me. I could probably have done 4 different songs with those themes and ensure I would not need more than 10 fingers to play the piano. Moreover, the 110 tracks of the orchestral version is telling me that I should have stop adding parts earlier.
Nevertheless, you are the judge. You will like one version more than the other and tell me if I went too far, or not enough, who knows.

Music and Production: Syrel
Photography: Protect-Yourself Magazine Cover (1982) by Syrel

The Quartet Version: https://soundcloud.com/user-461764443/summer-is-over-quartet-version?si=3e068cdb38b64bc6acfe8473097bfae7
• Piano (with 3 hands)
• Upright Bass
• Drums
• Percussions
The Orchestral Version: https://soundcloud.com/user-461764443/summer-is-over-orchestral-version?in=user-461764443/sets/summer-is-over-which-version
• Quartet +
• More Percussions
• Full Symphonic Orchestra
• Choir


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