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String Concerto No.11 in G Minor Composed By Tom Dahlenburg

Tom Dahlenburg

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Hi @Tom Dahlenburg,

Overall I enjoy this piece! The harmonic colour is good, and actually I love those parallel fifths.

The first section (before ~1:30) seems very periodic for me. The phrase always ends with a 4 or 8 bar structure with a cadence. That for me hinders the flow.

I love your modulation to c minor around 1:50, and find the C major section in 2:10 very grand. I think adding the timpani there will be even better!

When it briefly returns to g minor the abrupt pauses seems a little bit off for me, but the ending is great! Nice borrowing of the fate motive and ending in C minor is very grand for me. The rhythm really pushes the urgency of an ending and climax!

Thanks for sharing Tom!



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The bit around 2:10 reminded me of Hotel California for some reason, other sections seemed like they had traces of Mozart and Beethoven's 5th. Oh God, then the ending was basically Beethoven 5 lol. 

Any chance of a score? Even if it's just Ableton trying to make one, it'd be helpful since I keep hearing clashes in your music but can't exactly pinpoint it. 

Seemed like a decent effort nonetheless. I'll once again say it, but I hope you get more involved with commenting on other composers works! It'll really help you receive more attention. If your aim is to get better, that's the best advice I can give. Plus, you may find some members here fun to talk to; there are several people here who I regularly engage in conversation outside of YC. Thanks for sharing

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