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Orchestral Action Musik for Chase, fight etc.

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Hi guyyys, hear is my abomination of an action Theme. I only used free VSTs and I had to compress the file quite a bit, so the audio might suffer a bit. (Also sry if my English is bad, it´s not my native language.)

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  • lordDave changed the title to Orchestral Action Musik for Chase, fight etc.

Hi @lordDave,

Welcome to the forum!

I find this track very energetic and motivating, definitely fit for music for chase and fight! The background is especially great with the 3+3+2 rhythm and non stopping repeated notes. Very great job!

Will you consider adding some melodic elements in it? Some notable hooks or melodic elements can make it more memorable. Also, the music is mostly played by strings. Will you consider using the woodwind and especially the brass to play the melody? I think trumpet and trombone will really fit here.

Thanks for sharing and joining the forum! Please feel free to look at posts from other amazing and talented composers and review their pieces! I am sure you will learn much by mutual learning and reviewing! I think you may be interested with the subforum of orchestral music and incidental music. Also this will help attract other members to review your works!


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Greetings Lord Dave,

I think you're heading in the right direction, but the piece doesn't really suit a chase or action sequence. It more has a feel of being a theme like what you might find on the menu of a video game.

The reason is that the music is too...well, thematic in its presentation.

A good chase.action sequence involves a flurry of different, highly-rhythmic ideas, scale runs, trills, clever placement of dissonant harmonies, effects that aren't really possible with multiple samples (rips, shakes, overblown flutes, etc.) and frequent changes and often lots of stops and starts interlaced with tense transitions. The piece would also benefit, as Henry said, with more use of the other orchestral sections; namely brass stabs and wind runs.

However, a lot of that can be difficult to convey with free samples I know

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Hi lord Dave, and welcome to the forums.

The piece has a nice beginning, and you really seem aware of how to build a crescendo in tension without making the theme boring. That's very nice to begin with. I also agree with Angel here, this piece you made seems more fitting with a main menu/credits of a video game than for an action sequence. If you don't have a more adequate set of tools to make the piece more in the direction he pointed, I would insist and encourage you to try writing a less thematic-centered piece. That'd be a good start if you're seeking for that result.

The piece as is was enjoyable to listen to, the sound is good enough and your English is good too, so keep composing!

Kind regards,

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Hey man, pretty cool music. 

Care to share anything about this piece? What DAW, VSTs, form, etc. 

One thing I noticed was the never ending DA da da DA da da DA da rhythmic scheme. I'd look for ways to either give some kind of contrasting section to the music OR possibly develop that rhythm. I did like the key change, but varying up the harmony a bit more would be nice too. If you have access to the whole orchestra, use it! (unless you don't have the samples 😛

Overall nicely done though, and welcome! Hopefully you stick around and get involved, you'll finds lot of friendly people here with mostly useful advice. 

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