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Goodnight Mr Spock

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A little tribute to my favorite Vulcan.

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Hi Rick,

Again this is very soothing music! I admire your ability to write beautifully and practically! You are much better than me when I have to read through all those books to write a single note! You are very great at writing these kind if enjoyable music! The mxing is great creating the feeling of space(?).

Who is Vulcan and Mr. Spock actually?🤣

Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks, I aim to please but I must say that my lack of ability to notate is a constant hindrance!

I'm so "old school" musically that I've never found a niche for my stuff, even if I did have a business sense about me, which I don't.

So I just compose stuff for my own ears as I've said before, as a sort of therapy.

I wrongly assumed that everyone is familiar with the "Star Trek" TV show and subsequent Star Trek movies.

Mr. Spock is the half-human, half-Vulcan science officer on the starship Enterprise.

The actor Leonard Nimoy who played him died in 2015.

Here's the opening theme music to the original 1960's TV series: 





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