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Hi MindHatter. Despite the sounds you used are not top-notch and feel a bit generic, the music "behind" is nice in my humble opinion. Some scarcely more precise observations:

• Nice sound effects.
• A prepared beginning, effective and simple.
• A solo flute part that felt a little weird to me. This feeling dissipates when the other instruments appear.
• Since this doesn't look loopable, perhaps it's a bit brief even considering it's just for a game trailer. WIll it be inside of the game?
• Consider pasting the YT link directly instead of what you did, as users will not have to open another tab in order to watch the video (and I'd say that's pretty convenient).

Kind Regards,

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So I watched actual game trailer on YouTube

I definitely think it fits the art style and concept, with your choice of instruments and all.

But I would say that it could be more dynamic, and rhapsodic for a trailer. The different titles that pop up could've been used as sync points for changes in the music more often, some parts seemed like they should be a bit faster or more choatic, but the piece retains the same sort of tempo and atmosphere even when the witch gets burned. Which, if I may be honest: My interest in the trailer started to drift away by the end of it.

It's not a bad piece that I could easily see working as a loop (maybe even the main menu) for a game like that, but it isn't well-suited to a trailer IMO

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Oh, sorry for a long reply.

@Omicronrg9  yes, this version was created for a game trailer that is why it is not loopable. It has some additional parts. But original orchestration in first level inside a game is loopable. Thank you for your feedback

@AngelCityOutlaw Most likely you are right. I can't judge or say anithing. But thank you it's a valuable remark.

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4 hours ago, MindHatter said:

this version was created for a game trailer that is why it is not loopable.

👍Glad to know, now it makes more sense definitely. Looking forward to check more creations of yours on further posts :).

Kind regards!!

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