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An app(s) for compiling melodic ideas

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Improvising comes naturally 

but I’m disorganized and playing music is analogous to writing on water 

the second it’s expressed- it’s like a butterfly 

I hope to turn an app on and play for lengthy periods while I record it in MIDI ( saving computer memory ) 

but in addition to this. I’m increasingly attracted to Melodic aspect 

there is no melodic idea that does not interest me. Completely regardless of style    
I’m hoping to compile an ever growing “folder” of melodic ideas 

and being “slow” with things computer. I’m hoping a variety of means can be brought up to my attention 

for midi recording Logic Pro seems to be ok because it has a score mode. So when I later review my musing at the keyboard   I can quickly see what it was I played without struggling 

I’m assuming score view in logic can be configured in grand staff 

im so blown away by melodies that I’ve played for a lifetime.  But I’m sooo focused on the intervals  no as much the harmonies 

I am happy with this state of development. But I’m overwhelmed by how to catalogued. All the melodic ideas 

I don’t mean “buy a fake book”

or buy the sheet music 

I looking at music more “microscopically”. Just a few intervals of songs that catch my attention. If this makes any sense !

I tend to ramble. So ask any questions you might have. 
thank you 

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