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Found 16 results

  1. This is a piece of music I wrote based on an excerpt of William Wordsworths "The prelude-boat stealing" https://www.poetrybyheart.org.uk/poems/the-prelude/ Using themes and melodic and harmonic suggestions of nature and pride that at least, make sense to me. Please let me know what you think.
  2. Melody creator Looking for some inspiration to create or compose your own music, songs, or melodies? Melody Creator app quickly produces random original melodies for you to use, share or get inspired. Join the thousands of users who today use Melody Creator to inspire them to create their melodies. With Melody Creator you can: 1. Generate random melodies using a full three octave span 2. Select the scale of your melody 3. Playback functionality 4. Store your own generated melodies 5. Select among 17 rhythms, silence or metronome for each playback or melody 6. Generate a similar melody based on one you created 7. Select from 3 different ranges of randomness to generate your melodies (High randomness may involve abrupt changes in melody notes) 8. Configure the complexity in the generated melody (how simple or complex is the combination of notes within a bar) 9. Configure other preferences 10. Download saved melodies in wav format 11. Change between the piano, guitar and saxophone 12. Choose between 16, 32, 64 or 128 note melodies. When you select the melody that you like for your song you can purchase it at a very low cost in melody creator credits and you can: 1. View an animation of the notes playback or music sheet 2. Edit and change the melody 3. Playback the melody at different speeds 4. Share your melody with other people (they must have Melody Creator installed) 5. Change melody settings for each melody in your list Get Melody creator here, its free
  3. Hello everyone I would like to share this melody. Please give me your opinion : Thank you, G.
  4. I've gone back to this piece to look at patterns and structures in what I tend to make. So far I see simple melody but colorful chords and dissonance in the music, ostinato in the bass and syncopated rhythm throughout. The key signature in the sheet music is my best guess at what it might've been, but I do hear there might be modulations. I tend to move away from main idea but bring back the idea at the end or throughout. Lots of repetition, this may be something I should hold back on in the future. I am very interested to know why this song works or why it may not work. I have the feeling that the melody never rests on what might be the home note, which makes it sound ambiguous. I think. Thank you for listening. Feedback, if you wish, is greatly appreciated.
  5. Greetings. I'm not a big fan of "Turkish pop music" (Unlike their folk music), but lots of turkish pop tracks have inspiring and nice melodies, which are close to Arabic/Iranian melodies. When you listen precisely to the music, you find that those melodies are played on a western instrument like guitar or violin. Does anyone has any ideas or sources for those melody lines?
  6. Hello everybody, A few months ago I discovered minimal music and I immediately fell in love with the simplicity and rest it gives me. At the moment minimal music is one of my favourite genres and I tried to compose a minimalistic piece for Clarinet in A or Bb. Melody for Clarinet.pdf The score is already transposed, so the part will sound different when played by a Clarinet in A than than when played by a Clarinet in Bb. The performer can choose how many times he or she wants to play the repetitions. Glass' masterwork Glassworks is a huge inspiration for this piece. Check it out! (the title of another minimalistic work by Reich) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Stu7h7Qup8 Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqXhvPIgDL8 Feedback or any comments would be nice! Maarten
  7. Hi all, Today, I finished this Melody for solo Piano. I am trying to develop my own ''voice'' and ''identity'' in music composition and I think I am on the right way... As the title is called, the inspiration of this composition is the Winter. Of course in the Dutch style: ice skating, Unox sausage, Boerenkool etc. Feedback and comment would make my Winter even better! Kind regards, Maarten
  8. Hi, I have uploaded this piece before and I have included feedback, I received, in the first and second melody Adagietto. The first melody has already been posted. The original description: For my audition for pre-study at the conservatory with classical saxophone I played the Cinq Danses Exotiques by Jean Françaix. I fell in love with his music. On account of Françaix' music I composed 3 Melodies for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Opus 25 (Dutch: Drie Melodieën voor Altsaxofoon en Piano) today. Feedback and sharing your opinions would make me very happy! Stay tuned for the last melody! Maarten Bauer
  9. Hi, I have uploaded this piece before and I have included feedback, I received, in the first movement. The original description: For my audition for pre-study at the conservatory with classical saxophone I played the Cinq Danses Exotiques by Jean Françaix. I fell in love with his music. On account of Françaix' music I composed 3 Melodies for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Opus 25 (Dutch: Drie Melodieën voor Altsaxofoon en Piano) today. Feedback and sharing your opinions would make me very happy! Stay tuned for the other two melodies! Maarten Bauer
  10. As a result of the request from @danishali903 to compose some music for solo viola, I have composed this ''Melody for Viola'' (Opus 26) today. See for the post under Community > Repetoire > CALL FOR SOLO VIOLA MUSIC Bach's cello suites have heavily inspired me, as you can probably hear. I have never written for a solo string instrument before, so I hope that it is technically playable. If not, please tell me what and how to improve it. To Danishali: Hopefully, this piece is suitable for your playing in the hospital. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun! Feedback and sharing your opinions would make me very happy! Kind regards, Maarten Bauer
  11. so i can waste my time exploring raffined harmonies, music production or mix engeneering but the bottom line of music is melody (i think). i've quit making music years ago because my talent doesn't get me too far melody wise. i can't quit :) so how does melody work? what is a melody? (wiki doesn't satisfy me). i tried studying dozens of good melodies, but reaching to too few conclusions. many of these hit songs have very simple harmony, and many have 1 pitch per chord melodies. (!!!!!) i realise that the rhythm of the melody (not the rhythm of the song) is the soul and it's harmonic content just a bonus, but it's harmonic content has a few strict rules (which are not clear to me). i came back at studying by listening to "blaze of glory" starting theme. ("bon jovi blaze of glory theme.mid" i attached it). what underlying chords does this melody have? i came up with these ("bog chords is this right.mid") it has 2 mesures. to me it sounds like the first bar asks a question (i know, i'm taking music from scratch), and the second bar answers. but, how does it ask a question if it starts from "a" and after reaching to "C" (which is it's relative major, not a dominant feel pitch) comes right back to "a", how does that sound like a question? is it the interval from which it's comming back to "a"? also, each of these 2 parts (2bars) are made from 2 parts (2 beats each). what are those? they sound like a statement (the first 2beats) and a target or the actual question (beats 3 and 4). these parts not only have separate harmonic content, but different rhythm too. the fist part ("the statement") has a dotted 16th, and the second part has normal 16th rhythm. how would u study this piece of melody? it has 5seconds, big deal :)) . but it made hystory. bon jovi blaze of glory theme.mid bog chords is this right.mid
  12. Hi, I'm new here, so forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. I'm writing a sonata-form movement in Romantic style (Schubert, Brahms...). I've written: 1st theme (8+8 bars), ending on i (G min) transition (G min >> Eb) 8 bars of the 2nd theme (starts at bar 57), ending on V (Bb major chord) However, I'm stuck here. :dunno: I've just moved from a classical to a romantic style, and the proportions are bigger. I know I should write something looser and more lyrical here, and it should be roughly 50-60 bars long for balance. I could use more than 1 theme (?), and perfect cadences should be used sparsely. I tend to write very "marked" self-contained themes, like the 1st one, so my initial idea was to write another 8+8 antecedent/consequent. But I can't do this, I must include more material before the V-I and the codetta. Thus, I've written some "continuations" after the 1st 8 bars ending on V, as well as a climax based on that tune, and a little codetta... I don't know how to assemble all that stuff. I've checked out tons examples, but I'm kinda blocked. Any tips? What is your experience? Thanks!! :D
  13. Hi, I need some advice on composing a new Melody. I´ve already made some orchestral songs that aren’t half bad. But now I have problems to think of a new Melody. In the moment, I can only think of similar ones to those I already made. When I think back, I can´t really remember how I got those melodies. So, I´m in a bit of a loss right now. How do you composite new songs and how do you put aside your last project? Do you meditate until you get something new or do you listen to other songs, to get some inspiration? (Isn´t that like changing an existing Song?) So, what are the pro´s ways of making something new? But this isn´t my only Problem. I said my songs weren’t half bad, but they lack emotions. I want to get my emotions into the song. But how? Every time I made a new melody, I couldn’t feel my own feelings in it. I admit, this will get me to the same question as before: So, how do you composite new melodies? I hope this isn´t asking too much. Looking forward to your answers Thank you in advance. Greets Memoria
  14. Reading about harmonizing a melody, I have come across the idea that we don't need to change the chords a lot. One author has even said that a chord may not change for several bars. Another has advocated changing the chords during strong beats. I would like to know how we can stay in the same chord if the notes in the melody are always changing and a chord gives us access to only 3-4 of those notes most of the time? Are we supposed to limit ourselves to these 3-4 notes in the composition of additional parts that accompany the melody? And what about notes in the melody that are out of these 3-4 notes? Are they acceptable?
  15. How do you decide whether it should be harmonized or would be more properly played by a solo instrument as it is? How do you decide what instrument or instruments it is best suited for, and what form would best suit it?
  16. Hey everyone :) So I have a nice melody and I am trying to come up with some chords/rythm that work with it. But everywhere I read on harmonizing a melody just says the same thing; simply change to a chord so the melody note lands on either the 1st, 3rd or 5th of the chord. However just doing this all the time sounds rather bland I would like to start experimenting with other chords, but i don't really know where to start. I thought it would be a good idea to just think of the melody notes that don't land on a tone in a triad as extensions. So if the melody lands on a D, I can play a C major chord and think of that as a CMaj 9 (without the 7th) But of couse there are many chord extensions and I find myself taking forever to choose a chord. When I want a chord change I will go through all the chords on a piano so that the melody note will either be the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th of the chord, and just test them out. I have absolutley no idea how I would make the decision of which chord to use if I was away from a piano. So yeah, how do you guys decide which chord to use (if it's one where the melody note isn't the 1st, 3rd or 5th)? Thanks for your time :)
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