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  1. Hi all and thanks for visiting my topic! This is my new cheerful and upbeat piano composition "Birthday Song" in C Major. At first, this song was meant to be a practise of some basic chord alternations, but it eventually ended up being a birthday present for my mother. The main melody came quickly to my mind when I was improvising on some chords in C major and I'm pretty sure that it is inspired by another famous melody. I just don't know which. If you know it, then please write it in a comment 🙂 . This piece was composed in a piano roll and it is possible that some chords are
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyIq_apZTZc&feature=youtu.be Aditya's new tune composition for review, not sure how to convert it to notes in pdf files
  3. One of my early piano pieces. I hadn't originally conceived it as such, but after I played it to my dad he mentioned that it sounds kind of Chinese (and I realised that it does use the pentatonic scale quite heavily) so I gave it this title. Just a fun light-hearted little piece. Feedback welcome! I'd be especially interested to know if anyone has comments on the way I change the thematic material when repeating it. Alexander Reiger | March of the Clay Soldiers | Original Piano Music - YouTube Edit: I don't know why, but the YouTube video didn't automatically embed when I pasted the
  4. Hi. So this is a cello sonata. I wrote this between 2017 and 2018 and it was premiered in 2019. The recording is not the super bestest ever, but it does the job. This is the 4th long-form "sonata" type thing I wrote and it was mostly based around the idea of augmented chords within a kind of neo-romantic style.
  5. It's been awhile since I've posted anything to the forum, let alone really been active. Life is like that sometime. This work was born out of my own quarantine after being tested positive for Covid-19. While not exactly the main influence over the work -I'm sure it adds a little to it. The 3rd movement is close to how I envision it. I'm working on a revision to make it sound more coherent and complete. I'm not too excited about the ending -I think the material can be expanded some more. Just got to find the right way to do it. I present you my 4th Piano Sonata. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Dear community, here are two short pieces I completed for solo piano. 1) Piece for Piano in F major, L1a https://youtu.be/FRlum_SaoSg 2) Piece for Piano in A minor, L2a https://youtu.be/SfvGUGrWroY The F major piece is a bit of a work out for the right hand. The first 4 bars are modelled after Bach's Prelude in C, Book 1 of WTC but with a harmonic modification in bar 3. Then of course I go off in my own direction. The right hand plays the harmony throughout with left hand having a sort of melody every so often. The A-minor piece is
  7. Hi everyone! First time posting one of my works here. This is a short piano piece I wrote several months ago for a friend, inspired largely by the rhythms of Latin American music. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I always aim to write music that takes the listener on a journey in some way or another, and I think I've achieved that with this piece (but would be happy to hear your thoughts). The Vexatious Venturer.pdf.
  8. One of my more 'serious' piano pieces. It's probably fairly obvious to any classical fans where I got my inspiration for it. I think I've still managed to give the piece its own distinct identity, though. I feel like this is one of my more technically accomplished pieces – but I'm sure there's still lots of room for improvement. Happy to hear anyone's thoughts!
  9. Hello everybody! As a pianist, I usually hear to performances of the piece I am preparing to have some references.Although my favourite pianist is Martha Argerich with no doubts, I try to keep open-minded to other pianists (famous or not) to have a bigger vision of the piece. Also, when I'm going to compose something, in particular, a sonata, for example, I listen to a lot of Mozart and Haydn sonatas so that I can encompass better the style. I'm curious to know if you have any musician as a reference or if you listen to several musicians when preparing a piece or when you want t
  10. Hello, fellow composers! This is my first topic and first submission for a review of one of my compositions and I'm very excited to share this with you. I work with pen and paper, using a piano for the most part, and only in the later stages of each section of sketchwork do I continue refining the sketches through the Dorico interface. I usually expect to record this with professional musicians in some way or another, so I never spend any time fiddling with the digital performance of the work, to be honest. Because of this, the performance is decidedly robotic, but it still manages t
  11. Not sure what to do during lockdown and quarantine, so I decided to write a new piece of music. As the title suggested, this piece involves both tragic and love, which can be hard to distinguish these two sometimes. Is it tragic or is it love ? I'll let you all decide hehe x
  12. Three days ago we had to help one of our dogs (Urka) to pass away. This is for her...
  13. It's interesting to study these dances, their rhythms, etc.... I wrote this just to learn. They don't follow the baroque rules about form or harmony. Some people ask me to write the chord names, so I leave them.
  14. This is a piece I wrote a little while ago and forgot to post. It makes me think of my childhood home; hence the name. I know that the harmonies aren’t too advanced, and I gladly welcome advice or suggestions as to how to complicate it a little more!
  15. Attached is the third movement of my piano trio. (yes completed before the second) I'm quite pleased as I wrote it very quickly for my standards. It's in minuet and trio form and is very short. please leave any thoughts down below.
  16. This is my "Soliloquy for Piano No. 11". I composed it in memory of my uncle who recently passed away. Here is the link to my previous soliloquy for piano: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t34871/soliloquy-for-piano-no-10/
  17. I wonder if the uploader ever made an edited this but I found this by suggestion. A mashup of Brubeck and Satie and sounds wonderful. Do you know of any cool mashups? Share them here!
  18. The Etude-Tableau was written for the Moscow Conservatory's 2018 International Winter School, along with the Nocturne in C major, Op. 5, and the Romance in E major. This piece was the first piano piece I had written in over 2 years, and was also my first attempt at virtuoso piano writing. I brought it to the school as one of my piano performance pieces. I later recorded it at home, and this is the performance on Youtube. I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂 Theo
  19. Hi I'd like to bring here something different. Lately, I've been working on a "Mediterranean Suite". I used a lot of different scales with something in common: they come from the Mediterranean countries. From Spain to "Persia" and from Africa to Europe, the Balkans, etc... Every one of them is unique, but I guess they all came from the same ancient scale. The suite is finished, because it's made from material I've been writing for two years or so. I made the selection and reworked some points. But it takes 10 pieces, too long to put them together here. We have here a very s
  20. 9 (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
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