Music Jotter is FAST

Music Jotter's latency has been completely eliminated. On smaller scores, Music Jotter is fast and responsive. On larger scores, you will notice issues (1000+ notes). Don't worry though, I will fix that.

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Updated on 7/12/2023

  • Undo & redo fully functional. Lightening fast. ctrl/cmd z, ctr/cmd y ctr/cmd/shift/z are your shortcuts
  • Autosaves every 30 seconds. You can manually save too. Download score anytime. Saves on refresh or exit.
  • Beam notes: Hover over a note, press space or "b". Highlight multiple notes & press "b" or click on the "beaming" icon in Edit Tab. Always beams to right.
  • Print scores & output midi: example 1 & example 2
  • Notes tab is 100% complete! You can add / delete notes with right / left click.
  • Edit Tab: Key & Time signatures, meterless music, dotted note time signatures all fully functional.
  • Operations Tab: Copy / Paste / Delete, Partial Selection (tip, hold cmd or ctr to multiselect)
  • Layout tab: Zoom in / out, change to booklet or linear view
  • Advanced layouts: multi measure select, resize measures/margins, shift measure counts, add, delete measures & tracks
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