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2023 Call for scores


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Ladies and gentlemen, this time we are pleased to announce @Eickso's yearly big competition "Call for scores".  

Let's go straight to the point, the prizes given to the winners of this competition are really something!


• Your works must have NOT been premiered more than 5 times. (If that's the case but you still want to participate, please contact with @Eickso)
You must submit 2 of your best representative works (score & audio) along a 500-word proposal* on why you are interested on this opportunity. They must NOT be anonymous. They do not need to be newly creations.
• You must submit your works ONLY THROUGH THIS FORM.


You will be hired to make a unique composition for the Möbius duo which will be premiered. For doing so, you will be given:

• 1st winner: $500
• 2nd winner: $400
• 3rd winner: $300

♫ Every winner will be given a product key for Finale v27 and Noteperformer 3.
♫ Every commissioned piece will be featured in George N. Gianopoulos' channel.

♫ More information: LINK
♫ Original post at YC: LINK

Encouraging everyone to join. Almost no restrictions, a bunch of prizes... What else can you ask for? 
Many thanks to Evan and the team behind for hosting this competition and giving composers a very attractive opportunity!


*From the official site: The proposal should cover an introduction of yourself, why this opportunity would be beneficial to you and your career, and any other information you find important. You may optionally include a small section regarding any specific ideas you have for a piece you would write for the Möbius Duo.

This should be most focused on why this opportunity would be beneficial for you. We are looking for deserving composers who have not received the recognition they deserve, so this is really your chance on the application to sell yourself!

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