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    https://musescore.com/user/12518851/scores/4742266 The first movement is in the other uploaded works (called "Forewarning"). All feedback is appreciated!
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    A short piece for solo piano, basically a variation of the same theme in 2 parts, separated by the change of dynamics.
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    A sonata for flute a wrote about a year and a half ago. I still consider it pretty good which is rare for me and my "hating pieces I've written" track record. Hopefully y'all agree!
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    This piece reflects the following story: A young woman living in a 19th Century French town finds, while exploring her family home attic, music manuscripts composed by her great-great grandfather, from northern Germany, who composed in the baroque style of his time and place. One of his two-part preludes was unfinished! The woman set out to finish the piece, trying very hard to keep to the same baroque style. But alas, her time and place shone through, and the second part of the prelude, written by her, turns out to be a romantic piece written in counterpoint. I hope you like it! :)
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    Hey people, This one is only a short track but I was trying to match the setting of a busy airport. Im not too sure how effective it is because I've listened to it way too much and cant really tell anymore haha but I would love your feedback :) Cheers guys
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    I experience lulls in composing quite a bit. Generally what I do is revisit an older work and try to work on that for a bit. I also listen to a lot of music and try to see if something I hear could work well, even copying it directly to my work and then reworking it in to something more original. When I am really stuck, I'll completely switch gears and find that re-arranging a popular tune or writing a set of variations can sometimes jumpstart the creative process.
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    You can’t train for perfect pitch although there are people who claim to have trained and got it later in life.You can however train and get very good relative pitch which is almost as good.
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    Hi all, my first upload on here. So, my friend came to me one day, having known that I liked to write and asked me to put something to some old footage she had of her grandparents. It took me a while to be happy with the outcome but eventually I got there. My background is classical from a young age although the last few years my knowledge seems to be failing me, as I don’t concentrate too much on what is right and what is wrong when it comes to the theory of writing. I play around until I hit on something I like. Let me know what you think 😬
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    Hello, I composed this little piece in response to a challenge on the forum to write for a combination of two instruments based on your birthday date. At the same time, I used this piece for an exercise, I gave myself: write a piece in less than 15 minutes. My combination was the Violin and the Horn (in F). I tried to keep the atmosphere very light, yet interesting. The music has to be funny, because it is a 'birthday song,' so therefore the Allegro scherzando and no very heavy harmonies. Sharing your thoughts is very appreciated! Maarten
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    Congratulations @Monarcheon and @punintentional! All other participants very well done too!
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    Hello everybody, A few weeks ago, Chopin and I decided to hold a competition for which Young Composers members could design a new, fresh YC logo and favicon for the website. All submissions are shown in the Young Composers Magazine #1. This is the place where you can vote which design you like the most. The design with the most votes will be used as the official logo of the Young Composers website. Chopin can merge several designs if the vote results are very close. Now, all submissions will be showed here as well. The logo first and afterwards ths favicon. The design creators are kept secret to prevent subjectivity. Design creators are NOT allowed to vote on their own design. Submission 1 Logo Favicon Motivation isnenwnmsns Submission 2 Logo 1 Logo 2 Submission 3 Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 Favicon Motivation Jsnsbwn Submission 4 Logo 1 Logo 2 Favicon 1 Favicon 2 Kind regards, Chopin & Maarten Bauer
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    Nice! I hear some promise in here. The sounds you're using are nice and fairly well balanced. Your changes and "impact" moments are well spaced and have the right idea, but feel a little underwhelming to me in terms of progression. It feels like I want a bigger difference from what I'm hearing before the transition to what I'm hearing after the transition. Not sure if I want more of a dynamic difference or compositional difference, but that's what my ear tells me. Good sounds, well thought out, but a little reserved. Keep it up :) Gustav Johnson
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    When I visit a member's profile, it would be nice, I think, to see a list of links to that person's music, that is, to pieces previously posted on this site.
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    Hey guys! I know this might be a lot to digest but I'd love to have your thoughts on that work. It's the first soundtrack I release as a whole. I've been working with a development team on this one but sadly we had halt the development. It has a lot of flaws but I think it is worthy of sharing with you. The game was set to be a 2D platformer story driven adventure in a fantasy world with spirits and such (inspired by japanese shintoism). Anyway I'll leave you with the music and thank you already for any feedback you'd like to provide me with. Here's the link (I don't know how to implement it as embed media. Would love someone to explain me how to do that) https://soundcloud.com/nicolasguerrero/sets/project-water
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    Hmmm... I'd say: 1. Keep trying to write at least a little while every day, because sometimes you just have to sit in the chair and work at it to give an idea the opportunity to appear. 2. But be sure you aren't doing nothing but work. If nothing is appearing in your brain, it may need some new outside stimulation to get the ideas started again, so take time to go for a walk, read new books, go out with friends. Put yourself in situations that are rich for your physical senses in new ways so your brain will start creating new pathways, even if that just means trying a different sandwich for lunch. You don't have to take a two week vacation, but find at least a little novelty every day. 3. Make sure you have the right physical environment to work in. I need to be somewhere comfortable, quiet, and alone, so I can hum out my ideas. I have to be able to hear it out loud as I'm working to get the next part of the idea to come. Maybe you like the background hum of the dishwasher so it isn't too quiet in your house, or to know someone is in the next room so you don't feel too lonely. 4. If all else fails, try listening to some music you like and singing along on a harmony part. Then shut the music off and keep singing your harmony. It often develops a life of its own and becomes the start of an idea. 5. Sometimes you can't think of a beginning, but you CAN think of a middle or an end, so go ahead and start with that part and then work backwards. 6. Some of the best works by famous composers are based off of simple scales, and key changes. Don't be afraid to write according to basic principles as a start. What you add to the texture can make that incredibly exciting. Writing absolutely according to expectation with respect to chord progression, and then denying the listener the resolution is a wonderful tension-creating device that keeps a work moving and developing when you are stuck.
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    The music is more than a deafening silence! There is a nice rising tension in the beginning. However, the piano bass is quite repetitive. Maybe you should add a sudden fast part after the silence...
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    Thanks for your dedication. Now I'm eager to read all your contributions....
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    This is very relaxing and serene. It feels like I'm floating on clouds. I love the instrumentation. Did you play all the instruments and over dubbed?
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    I liked it the slow build up from the A section to the more aggressive sounding B section. The only recommendation is to create some variety in the notes, especially the bass. Perhaps an ostinato style, or something of that likeness -- since it can get a tad repetitive. As far as harmony goes, I really recommend just going with what you feel sounds good, and don't focus too much on the I-IV-V-I aspect. It helps you get out of your comfort zone, and really explore your personality as a composer. Overall, nice work.
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    Thank you for sharing your pieces. "Prelude", "Caves" and "A New Dawn" have at times a rather minimalistic feel, as figures are seemingly repeated, but slowly evolve. All four pieces remind me of the music in some point-and-click adventures, which probably has a bit to do with the software you have used, but also with the style that pervades all four pieces. This also makes the four movements a coherent whole. If you want to introduce more tension, you could modulate to other keys or use some chromaticism. (Especially in "Caves" and "Forest Leaves", there are some opportunities for increasing tension this way!) Originally, chromaticism means colouring the music, because the slightly altered notes were perceived not as total change, but an altered colour of the original. So, colour your music At times, I even expected something like that, but the score proved me wrong … Also, there are some very interesting piano soundfonts out there (like Yamaha Grand C5, Salamander etc.) that would fit your music very well. Looking forward to more music from you!
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    I'm the type of composer who doesn't listen to a piece based on how it was created, but more so on the detail in emotion and how intense it makes the hairs on my skin crawl, and I must insist this brought shivers down my spine. Splendid work! I love how your left and right hand work simultaneously; sounds very unique. As you know I'm a major fan of string instruments so I'm taking huge inspiration from how you work your strings. Just wow man.
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    Sorry I'm late. The easiest way for me to contribute to this was to play over top of it and record it due to the repetitive nature of it and no MIDI file to import into a notation app. Also, the last note was way too long for me.
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    During the introduction, I thought it had a very nice melody; amazing percussion in this part. Introduction of the hero, great use of the strings and brass style instruments! Between 2:10 - 2:26 led into the 'approaching army' bit VERY nicely! Approaching Enemies, great way to bring up the tension a bit. I must say, I don't often come across a piece that blends different ideas together well in a good cohesive way, and in this you did a fantastic job. Although I must say the ending was abrupt. 9/10
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    Your ideas fit very nicely togehter! Nice piece! The ending isn't proper, but that's all.
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    Well, I don't dare to tell anybody what should he or she do with the music.... Only suggestions, based on the form I understand music, or on how I write it. I think you want to do something in the romantic style. Yes, the arpeggio is important, but here it is "plain". Very even. You stick in intervals of fifths. Take a look at John Field for example, his arpeggios are very wide, that makes them expressive. Besides, you repeat the pattern in every measure and it makes it less interesting. Also, the way you wrote it is not 3/4, it fits better in 6/8 (two parts with three eighths in each one). The harmony is ecstatic. You are in A minos, but your progression is something like: Am - Em - C - Dm - Am - Em - C - Dm - Am - C - Dm - Am... There are no dominants chords, so it sounds a bit "always in rest". I mean, you need more rest-tension flow. Usually, in this style, the sustain pedal is used everywhere, and the legato (slurs) too. What I like most is the "broken" melody.
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    There is no set nocturne form; it's also difficult to pin down general characteristics, although one can try (and many have). One might even say that there are sub-genres of nocturnes. I suggest you take one of the early nocturnes and write a nocturne based off it.
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    Well, they are two very typical music style in romantic, so you can find a lot of excellent examples (besides Chopin: Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Schubert). Waltz Yes, the time signature is always 3/4. Most of the time the first beat has the accent in the bass (first tone of the chord usually). Below, I atteched to typical bass-figuration, which are commonly used. The whole piece has usually ABA stucture, many times the return of A is perfect (there is no difference between the two As). The melody usually smooth to complete the bass's repetitive rythm. Naturally, the "one chord per measure" is not a rule, the most beautiful waltz pieces are harmonized quite complex, but if you like to compose waltz, you'd better start with this "limit". I hope, it will be helpful.
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    @Gustav Johnson I recorded a video to show how I make these kinds of sounds, since it would be really hard to write about it. Sorry for my horrible accent but hopefully you can understand what I say ^^. Like I said, the result can be very similiar but you get more tools to control the sound and experiment. The process is also much easier with a DAW.
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    https://youtu.be/YbS3-FwSMCw This piano duo is a reflection of my trip to Lake St Clair in Tasmania Australia, written for two advanced/virtuoso pianists. Please leave your valuable thoughts, comments and feedbacks. Much appreciated.
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    I would never have guessed just from listening to your music. In fact, I think it's amazing how you compose so well while only being able to hear through one ear.
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    This is a "slightly chaotic" tune I made, intending it for the Nintendo GameCube battle course from Mario Kart: Double Dash! which has a space background.
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    Hi! My name is Peter Crow, I'm a film/ game composer from the Netherlands. I made this track and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. it's going to be used in a game for the itch.io game jam 2017. (if its good enough and if it fits the game of course. I haven't gotten a lot of information on the game but that didn't stop me! since the topic is "dreams" I thought it could fit.) it's just a (very) rough sketch of two themes. the topic for the game jam is "dreams". I haven't gotten to any mixing or mastering yet. these are just the melodies. Please take into consideration that this is game music. so it's mostly in the background.
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    Good job overall. Song 1 0:15: A I46 chord would be nice when C is played in the melody line.
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    Hey everyone! Please let me introduce you my new composition which will be included on my debut album "Ballerina", coming out in October, it's called "Reminiscence" and I composed the main theme a couple of years ago, but It felt incomplete to me and so I added more pieces to the puzzle and I hope you'll like it!
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    Hi all, here this is an electronic track I a have put together. Looking forward to feedback. I am wondering what genre this might be. Maybe somebody has an idea. (The drawing is a self-portrait of me from 2013.)
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    Thanks for everything, y'all. This was a growing experience for me and I look forward to doing it again in the future. Judges and entrants, thank you Gustav
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    Hello everyone, Thank you to all the entrants for your hard work in completing the Summer 2017 Competition! The judges -- Maarten Bauer and myself -- have also worked very hard since the submission deadline to provide you with helpful critiques and commentary. Detailed commentary will be posted below. Everyone should be proud of themselves for their good work. Without further ado, here are the final scores for the Summer 2017 Competition: - Monarcheon: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Punintentional: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Luis Hernandez: (THIRD PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 37 / 50 Noah Brode: 42 / 50 TOTAL: 79 / 100 - Gustav Johnson: (FOURTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 35 / 50 Noah Brode: 40 / 50 TOTAL: 75 / 100 - luderart: (FIFTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 32 / 50 Noah Brode: 35 / 50 TOTAL: 67 / 100
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    I look forward to it! :) Thank you judges for the detailed feedback, it's much appreciated. I had a blast writing these pieces.
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    Congratulations Monarcheon and Punintentional for your tied first place, as well as to the other entrants. Thanks Maarten Bauer and Noah Brode for your time and effort in evaluating, appreciating, and criticizing our pieces as objectively as you could. I know that being a judge is a difficult undertaking! Your comments are thought-provoking and provide us with directions to grow and improve as composers.
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    @punintentional looks like you and I need to go head to head again sometime ;) thank you entrants and judges for your time bringing this competition to light! Hopefully we can make Fall even more exciting!
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    I thought I was a part of a niche to know about it haha. I use a standalone version and think it’s awesome to create crazy soundscapes. One way I love to use it is by taking a sample, for example a single note marimba hit, stretching it and resampling it in a synth like iris. It can create very nice textures if you’re into electronic/electro acoustic music.
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    This artist had a lot of effort creating a song to aid little children who suffer from illness and treated in a special hospital: Ron Nesher need as many views as he can to help these people, please watch the video and enjoy the song! It is in Hebrew by the way, but every profit from the views goes to aid these in need!
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    I love it. It's really "Neo", thanks God... You succeed in writing for the piano, some parts are very well done and detailed. What I like is it keeps my interest all the time because even with the main motives, it's a continuous surprise. I also think you did well using only a string orchestra, just to focus on the piano writing, as it was your goal.
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    The articulations on some of your notes seem a little off (staccatos). The mixing on the melody is also a bit weird. The chords should probably change a little bit, though when you do modulate or use a borrowed chord it's well done. The 7-8 retardation in your melody line is also a little off putting too. I agree with ilv's comment about the musical setting.
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    I love the music languages you are developing, since I am asaré of your work. This piece is wonderful, never boring as it has been said. I think you may take advantage of Monarcheon's advice, an actual expert in orchestration, of it gooes to a competition. very nice....!
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    Lovely work, really. Score things: Make sure dynamics are under/referring to specific notes, not just sections (i.e. m. 60). m. 107 is great; the Bartok kind of sound is awesome, so to be even more like him, it would be nice to see beaming over bars, otherwise it looks kind of awkward with a beam in the middle, rather than the typical 2/4 beaming. It may be tempting to right "molto cresc. e dim." as a tempo marking so it applies to everyone, but it's better to not. I've had conductors get really mad at commissioned works for misusing it. Bass harmonic notation... String players don't really like this notation, which is their main gripe with Ravel. You should also place where in the actual register you're making the harmonic, and also the sounding note. Orchestration things: Are you sure the tongue ramming will be heard over a fortissimo glissando trombone, not to mention fluttertongue in the rest of the brass? At m. 115, there are debates as to whether or not bass drum should carry a tie over a bar ever. I've been taught both ways, so just make sure it's what you want. Looking through your score I see no real reason why you would use a drum set, specifically. I'm pretty sure the whole piece can be done with 2 percussionists. You're submitting this to a competition? They will be kind of off put by the sheer lack of marimba notes in your score despite it being written. I personally wasn't a huge fan of your slow melody but it interplays alright with the rest of the ensemble. The harmonies are really nice and the interplay is fantastic. Good work!
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    You have created exactly the atmosphere you describe in the poem. The music, but also the orchestration works perfectly for this. Never boring, but a strong sense of unity throughout.
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    Don't be hard yourself, I actually quite enjoyed this. The first thing that came to my mind while listening to this was the film Edward Scissorhands; and I say that in a good way (love the music in that film.) It's obvious you have a clear direction and you create just enough room to allow other instruments in without pounding it with too much sound. Fading in and fading out the strings were very nice and your transitions were convincing as well. However, I will say...in my personal opinion, the brass sections didn't compliment the woodwind instruments as well BUT it was the idea and how unique you implemented them that had me in awe. Definitely a 8/10 in my book. Good work man.
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    Good job overall. Prominent 7ths between melody and harmony are not nice except in 7th chords, but that's all.