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  2. Island Dreams

    Ohh, You always take me to some imaginary place. I love the bass line + rhythms... Also the organ... well, everything is very nice. I like the change at 2:33 (back in 3:55 or so), a good moment for a new section. Very good use of syncopation, too. You're very talented imagining all those colors and feelings and translate them into music.
  3. Island Dreams

    Here's a piece I just finished (I hope).. Called Island Dreams, I hoped to catch the feeling of lightheartedness, and happiness. It started with more of a Reggae beat, But I modified it back to only a hint of Reggae (organ, flutes part) Island Dreams - Island Dreams Score - https://app.box.com/s/rr9sxhn4v9ccx1xhr2gkbzvnkv1g318z
  4. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

  5. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

    Same here!
  6. Caught in the Sandstorm

    Sorry I'm late. This is nice background music that could be part of a suite or soundtrack. I personally find it a little too repetitive in terms of harmony, but it's still nice.
  7. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

    I seem to be having the same problem. I selected multiple files simultaneously when uploading and they showed up on the post page. When I hit the "submit" button, I don't see 2 of my uploads. I find this strange.
  8. Hello, I don't know if this happens to other members as well, but I cannot see the MP3 and PDF feature in topics. To be more clear: I cannot see the attached files of the audio and scores that are normally shown in a sort of box. How can I solve this problem? Thanks, Maarten
  9. Here's my variation. Hope you like it. Please tweak the mid and mp3 files as needed because I could not edit them properly. If you need further explanation, please message me privately. Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mid
  10. Leaving New York (DRAFT)

    I like it. I think the music supports well the scene. I would like to see more......!
  11. Last week
  12. [STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

    Here is my Variation 1 Oh! Kom maar eens kijken! Variation 1b.mid
  13. Do you get the same issues with other browsers? I'm wondering if this is a security or browser issue. We recently applied SSL to the entire site, I don't know if this would have anything to do with the issues you are getting though.
  14. Hello everybody, It sounds very interesting to me when we have a collaboration project in the form of Theme and Variations. For the ones who don't know what this form is: you compose one or more variations on a stated theme. A clear example is Mozart's Dodici variazioni su 'Ah, vous dirai-je Maman': How does it work? You can compose as many variations on the given theme as you want. There are a few rules / points: Only write for the string quartet (1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, violoncello). Not all variations have to contain all instruments, so you can also compose a variation for string trio (violin, viola, violoncello) or a solo passage. Make sure that the theme is recognizable or at least fragments of it. Every style is accepted: contemporary, classical, Pop, Jazz, minimal etc. Variations may not be longer than 2 minutes. When you have finished a variation, please post it in this topic with the following files. This namely saves a lot time for me to edit the final version. PDF file of the score and; Midi file and; MP3 file. You can be as creative as you want! Theme ''Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!'' Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.pdf Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mp3 Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mid If you are interested and want to compose a variation, please sign in for this project by answering yes in the poll above. Good luck! Participants: ----------------------
  15. A level Composition

    Could you please attach the score of your piece?
  16. Game of Thrones trailer music

    Do you have a score? This makes it alot easier to review.
  17. Hi, I've just composed a new score for game of thrones trailer. I just try to keep Ramin Djawadi Main Theme and also add my own melody to it. I just send the mp3 file here and also send the video link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/thf35s7evi5anwp/Project_131.wmv I'll be happy to see your comments:
  18. Personal Messenger Not Working

    Does hovering your mouse on any user name then clicking the 'Message' button on their name work?
  19. I can send and receive personal messages. I know because I get email notifications about them. However, when I try to access my personal messenger online, I get error Ex0.
  20. A level Composition

    This is a great start! Going forward, I would suggest you think about ways to use the left hand more in your piano compositions. In this piece, it never has the starring role. If this was an orchestra piece, those bass notes would be played by a few sad orchestra members, who would never have a chance to lead the music. Even though this is piano, and technically, all notes sound the same, if you think of each musical line as being played by a different person, it's easier to give each part more character. Let the right hand respond to what the left hand has just said, and elaborate on its statement, and vice versa. There's nothing wrong with what you've written, but it could have more impact if the musical texture didn't stay the same all the way through. Thinking about ways to vary your rhythms, or the meter of your piece is another way to attack the same problem, but from a different angle. It can give you the kind of contrasts that help your work feel more like a conversation, or a narrative. For a short piece like this, it's not as important, but it's a good skill to learn going forward as you start composing longer works. It can help propel the music forward in a structured way. That said, this had some good harmonic changes that kept the piece moving and you transitioned between them smoothly, which means you're probably further along than you think! Nice job and welcome! Oh, and it's easier for people to give you specific feedback if you post a pdf of a score along with the audio file. The we can cite measure numbers and notes more easily. (:
  21. A level Composition

    I have been working on my A-level music composition on my own, as the teaching at my school for music is virtually non-existent and would much appreciate some feedback on my composition so that I can improve on my work. It is not finished yet, but I will upload it when I have fully completed it. Many thanks. Piano Sonata in D minor Score.pdf
  22. Hello guys, This is my new piano composition. I hope you'll share your opinion with me. :)
  23. https://youtu.be/aCFtUOKIZtg
  24. Eclipsed [String Quintet]{f# minor}

    The final sensation is good and I see it had lot of good work. My main concern is counterpoint. I think a set of soloist instruments like this (quartets, quintets, etc...) must have counterpoint development. OK, perhaps not all the time, but in this piece it seems to be a leader melodic instrument (which switches from one to another) and the rest are in background (very good, indeed). But two complementary melodies at some point would make it better, in my opinion. Greetings.
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