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  2. Trailer Music

    hello ! how are you? i liked it a lot but i agree with the LostSamurai.. would have been better if you added a couple of intruments, maybe a percussion? in 0:33
  3. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I wanted to have a Gigue-like element in it, as it is boring to always write in 4/4 ;-) In the cycle of six preludes I am writing, the third and the sixth one are in compound triple meters (No. 3 is a Pastorale-like 6/8, and No. 6 this Gigue-like 12/8-piece), the first and fourth one fast 4/4, the second and fifth one slow 4/4. As for the modulations, you certainly have a point, as I tried some more daring methods to modulate. E.g. I coloured the circle of fifths sequences with secondary dominants; the modulation in m. 11-12 from C major to f minor to Eb Major is something I didn‘t attempt before. Also, the sequence in m. 6-8 is something I am idiomatically accustomed to -- I didn’t even plan it but wrote it rather spontaneously --- but is certainly not everybody’s cup of coffee. If it is possible within your time schedule, I would be very happy if you could point out where the bass line felt awkward. Tastes may differ, but it is also very possible I simply made a mistake. And even if I thought these notes would sound fine together, it would be of interest for me to revisit the relevant passages and see if I could come up with other solutions.
  4. Today
  5. Happy Days (original composition)

    @ilv I think you wanted to post your comment in another topic as in “Happy Days” there are no strings present.
  6. Hello im novice composer from Argentina and i share with you one of my works. i accept critisisms, they help me improve and i hope you like it.
  7. Prelude in E for piano

    I think you're in the wrong subforum!
  8. Meditations of a weary mind II

    @Willibald Thanks for the feedback! @LostSamurai Yes I posted a youtube link. If it does not work you can find the music by typing (Constant Goddard: Meditations of a weary mind II - Sepia Ensemble )into the youtube search bar.
  9. Hi guys just released my Prelude in E for piano. Here's the preview. Whadyall think.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kcy1oE4PD7Y&feature=youtu.be
  10. Prelude in E for piano

    Hi guys just released my Prelude in E for piano. Here's the preview. Whadyal think.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kcy1oE4PD7Y&feature=youtu.be
  11. Check it out

    Hey guys, would love your thoughts on this track i did a while ago, many thanks:)
  12. 6 Dances for Wind Quintet

    Kinda gave me a "Mozart" vibe for a few moments: probably since the instrumentation is quite similar to his Gran Partita
  13. Yesterday
  14. Nice piece. It's good background music. The sound effects are really interesting and add an ominous feeling to the music. I think there's problems with the mixing sometimes. Make sure the melody is louder than the harmonies. 1:6: the strings who play accompaniment lines (short, detached notes) do nt need to drop out 1:28: resolution expected 1:34, 1:42 and 1:51: E and A don't need to be present in the violin parts. Rather, an F is needed. Doesn't sound too bad as is, though. 2:1: no need to go from F to G (violin parts). Sounds okay as is. 2:14: F natural doesn't belong. Maybe an F# is what you want? I love how you build suspense by adding textures at the end. Somewhat abrupt ending.
  15. Weesgegroet (Ave Maria)

    Nice piece! Parallel fifths and octaves aren't ideal, though they sound okay in this piece where they occur.
  16. My first vocal composing

    I find the voice parts quite boring, especially the lower ones. You can utilize more complex chord progressions. Also, theiece sounds incomplete.
  17. You have done a great job emulating the Baroque style. It sounds like a Gigue more than a prelude. A lot of the modulations were awkward, and some notes in the left hand do not fit harmonically with the ones in the right hand.
  18. In my ongoing project of composing six small preludes, this one was very difficult to write for me and I am not very satisfied with the result. Basically, it is a canon from measures 1-11 with the upper voice leading, and and then a canon from measures 12-30 with the lower voice leading. M. 1-6 and 12-17 are virtually identical with the voices just exchanged and once in the tonic, then in the dominant (double counterpoint). The tonal plan is C Major -> G Major -> e minor -> G Major -> C Major. Very simple, but it was a new experience for me to change keys in a canon. I wanted to compose it with a hint of moto perpetuo movements, but this didn’t work out. So, without further ado, the prelude in its current state:
  19. Short gameinfluenced piece

    hah yah, just starting with the basics and trying to figure out logic pro X. thank you! yes I'm a big fan of the neo-soul hip-hop kind of beat ^^ Gonna try and experience more with my next project though and try to make it a bit more polished and complete!
  20. Dance of the Dragon

    OK. Well the piece is fine, and I like it. But when somebody puts titles like this one (Dance of the Dragon) one imagines some kind of story or film, and in that sense, the music goes in different directions (always to my taste). But the music itself is very nice.
  21. Dance of the Dragon

    I'm a strange person. I think the piece may not have it entirely together in the long run. I should spend more time on it, and practice "kill your darlings" more... Not as dramatically so as Carlo Gesualdo, but more.
  22. Wasps

    If it's advert music, then to me it sounds like an in-depth teaser for something professional and expensive. If you want more foreground, you could have a drier element in there (the piano is a good candidate), but I don't think it's necessary. I like it.
  23. Short gameinfluenced piece

    I vaguely remember Spyros' music. This is catchy, kinda has a hip-hop rhythmn to it. I think this is ok, simple and smooth. Which is always a good thing.
  24. Short gameinfluenced piece

    oh wow! That makes me really happy! ^^ I'm glad my intentions somehow came through a little heh
  25. Short gameinfluenced piece

    Funny you mentioned Spyro, that's my first impression when I heard your composition!
  26. Short gameinfluenced piece

    Thanks! Okay this isn't a game but it reminds me a lot of things like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SwQr1Xsg9E kinda odd but also reminds me of like a mix of final fantasy and spyro, even though it doesn't quite have the same sound it's just what was in my head when i made it
  27. Short gameinfluenced piece

    Catchy! What kind of video game are you thinking of?
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