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  2. Thank you! And thanks for the website - I'm sure it will be a great help! @ClasiCompose I checked out all those pieces and I agree that the last few you mentioned are definitely too difficult! Now I just have to decide which one I want to learn...
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  4. This is already orchestral sketch no. 4. One that Iโ€™m not particularly proud of to be honest . But thatโ€™s ok. Doing these sketches are an exercise to get a better understanding of composing, orchestration and why certain things work and others donโ€™t. This sketch is about counterpoint and rhythm. I hope you enjoy it! 01:03 - First listening to cantus firmus and orchestrated version 02:09 - Cantus Firmus 03:15 - Counterpoint, intervals and motion 05:47 - Rhythm 06:57 - Decoration 07:52 - Orchestration
  5. @PaperComposer yes i play, even though i don't play anymore. tarrega is one of the most important names in the guitar repertoire. You can find pieces of all kinds of difficulty levels. some of his most famous piece; (I don't know if you know these) Gran vals (famous nokia ringtone), maria gavotte, recuerdos de la alhambra (This piece comes to mind first for the tremolo technique) capricho arabe, gran jota (In this you will see almost all the techniques in the guitar) but these are difficult, tarrega repertoire alone can be a reason to improve yourself on the guitar. the names I mentioned
  6. https://www.classtab.org/ This is a great website for classical guitarists looking for tablature (2900 pieces by classical composers only, sorted alphabetically by composer). I have used it lots over the years. Even though I can read musical notation just fine, I still find it easier to read tablature when learning pieces for guitar. As far as recommendations go... I would second the idea of learning the Spanish Romanza. It is very common. Another one I like is Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring arranged for guitar.
  7. @Left Unexplained LoL - I know just the beginning of it. It's hard to find sheet music/tabs for whole songs for free on the internet.
  8. I've heard a version of the bwv 996 for harpsichord as well. Not sure which instrument it was originally intended for but nowadays it is very popular on guitar as the popularity of guitar seems to have supplanted the lute and harpsichord (not surprisingly LoL). @ClasiCompose Wow - Adelita and Lagrima is very pretty. You seem to have a wealth of classical guitar repertoire in your head ... do you play any of these pieces? @gmm Thanks for that - the site looks awesome so far!
  9. Hello community! I wanted to share with you this article about Analysing a piece through spectral techniques which I found very interesting! I started to learn about this topic recently and truly caught me up. What would you recommend me to know more about it? How do you develop a piece like this? Stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚ https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/post/analysis-of-a-composition-based-on-three-sound-gestures-through-spectral-techniques
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  11. Thanks! Some great comments here. I'll have to double check the voices. And yes, I could have definitely gone for some more chromatics in this piece. Will have to try and put myself out of my key comfort zone in the future! Cheers for the comment, that's much appreciated
  12. A very high quality video and soundtrack you've made once again! I like the various artwork and effects. Is it just me or are some of the voices slightly out of tune in some places? I like your change of key at 1:55. The only thing I miss in this is that once you're in a certain key you basically tend to stay in that key. Even when you change keys you do so abruptly without any transitions. You manage to return to the original key as well but once again without any transitions ... it would have been a good opportunity to use some chromatic chords out of your key that could have been lace
  13. Do you consider the other minor modes (harmonic, melodic) chromaticism?
  14. I don't particularly like 1812, but if there is one piece that everyone else likes and I don't, it's Vaughan Williams' The Lark Ascending!
  15. lil piece I made with some friends. I did the organ horn and synth parts. They made a blues groove... I had other plans ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  16. yes music that stays in a single key the whole song
  17. I like Zimmer's soundtracks. For what they are, they generally work well as music for films. perhaps my standards are lower in that context. I'll admit I find the Gladiator soundtrack very catchy. In my opinion, the finest example of a soundtrack in regards to both popular appeal and high degree of originality and quality of music in their own right is Bear McCreary's music for the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series. Not a single mediocre track in the lot.
  18. Someone before said Hans Zimmer's music, and I second that 100%. Very overrated, in my opinion. Of course, most pop music too, but I assume we're mostly talking about art music / concert music pieces. I will say I often get fairly bored when listening to pre-Baroque / Renaissance / medieval music. To me, it's more of a history lesson than something I actually enjoy.
  19. The track 'Emrys' is available here. I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments as usual. Thank you!
  20. Wow this comes together very nicely. I really like how delicate it can sound at certain parts (with the woodwind and violin). The mood you set would be great for a fantasy game. Well done, and thanks for sharing!
  21. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your thoughts. It does change time signature, key signature (twice) and is predominately in 5/4 time, but I've definitely gone for minimalism overall. I can appreciate it if that's not for you.
  22. It's more rock and pop oriented, but justinguitar.com is a pretty good resource.
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