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  2. The hardest part of creating ambient music is keeping the ego out of it. It's a lot like minimalism, where you give up a certain amount of control in order to fit into a genre. Which is basically not intuitive because it natural for composers to put themselves into their work, more so for minimalism, but to a lesser extent for ambient. At the very least it requires a definate slowing down of ego and compositional intent. So the phrases and gestures are slow as yours are here, probably even slower! Check out Michael Stearns and the films he's contributed to for examples. I enjoyed the work here. Very nice.
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  4. Hi everyone! I have been interested lately in composing ambient tracks and I was wondering what suggestions or tricks have worked for you when writing these pieces. Recently, I created this ambient song, "Sign of The Coming Judgement", and I've heard that I sound a bit like Jeremy Soule. Enjoy listening! Sign of The Coming Judgement
  5. Thanks for the help. Will check these all out in a moment. Do you think I should give them some bigger runs to do?
  6. My apologies, I meant no disrespect. For doing this from a theoretical stand, you've done a good job. I truly believe the piece has a great deal of potential, which is why I'm trying to help. Check these links out. Hopefully they will give you an idea of what wind ensembles are capable of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AgLeskIp40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTjZhYgJ-Bc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrPDguuxw7o These are some standard wind pieces by various composers. This link will take you to a site that contains recordings along with scores. The band you are looking to get a performance with is probably a grade 3 1/2 to 4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIyLgYYgaf2yqb5DnkOxu4Q/videos Hopefully these will help you to see and hear the ensemble you have chosen. As to the eng. horn, just be careful to not let them play anything that will interfere and over take the soloist. Definitely pp. As I said, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just feel the piece is worth the effort. Tim
  7. About the Eng Horn solo- I don't have any other instruments that can play that Low. I do want the other rhythms to go on in the background. If I'll give the Tbns and Tbas a piano or pianissimo, would the Eng Horn be heard?
  8. Don't call me by my private name please. There's a reason I'm Rabbival. Call me with this @Rabbival507. Thanks. No, I've never even seen a wind band in real life. I live in a place where it's much more difficult to see an orchestra than in the world's big citys. If I drive for more than half an hour in a specific day and hour I can pay to see a small orchestra that isn't a wind band. That's just how it is, so I'm trying to write for a wind band with my theoretical knowledge.
  9. A small concerto (concertino) in a movement. It has a classical style mixed with a "romantic orchestration" It was composed back in 2015 for a 2016 premiere with the High school Concert Band from Escuela Libre de Musica The composition has some novice errors hehe, also I'm conducing, so I apologize for the dancing. I included the audio .midi and the premiere back in 2016 with the Escuela Libre de Musica Concert Band and Angel Cuyar as soloist. As always, feedback is welcomed!
  10. Some Guy That writes Music

    Low register of a Bass singer.

    sorry for such a late response, I'm gonna respond even if it's useless now. Although the answer is simple, it's also expensive. I know that most of the pros I know fall at about C2 for Pros. for the average smoker I'd give them that low D. Now if you want it fortissimo, you're gonna need a basso profundo-ish, even if the note isn't that low basses sing the bottom of their notes at about a mezzo-forte. I know it doesn't matter at this point so I'm gonna link my favorite basso profundo who I've performed with twice before.
  11. Some Guy That writes Music

    Zdravas Mária(Ave Maria)

    woah, this is lovely, It creates an atmosphere that feels heavenly. It's very peaceful, calm, well done.
  12. Ken320


    So many possibilities! I would like to enter.
  13. Some Guy That writes Music

    La noche de mil estrellas

    I love the piano and tenor part, it's a nice song. I can't listen to Spanish and understand it. I can write in but no more than that. The tenor has a nice voice, but he should honestly lighten up. He tries to recreate an operatic voice when his quite light. You can his strong reverberation in the begging of notes before he starts to 'thicken' it up. He's got some talent that could use some sowing. Also he could open up those vowels some more to really get the sound out. My guess is that if he started breathing into his stomach instead of this shoulders it would naturally make him fix half his problems.
  14. Very nice! If you want to avoid excess ledger lines use 8va/vb. Maybe in the 5/4 after the ritardando and after the bass chord gliss. Maybe a Diddy in the right hand before you start what I thought was a entrance of a theme. Option 2 is to continue the ritardando until the bass chord gliss and then have beat three be the entrance, that 5/4 caught me of guard and little bit (unless that is what you were trying to do).
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  16. Kvothe

    Masterclass: THEORY 203 - Introductory Polychords

    Would this naturally lead into bi/poly tonality?
  17. Eitan, Have you ever played in a concert band? I'm not trying to be a jerk, just trying to get a feel for where you're at. You feel there are to many voices, and in reality, there aren't enough. The wind band has an incredible range of tonalities available. Many more advanced pieces have even more than I suggested to you. Bass over timpani because in band literature, that's just the way it's done. Not a good answer, but it's what conductors expect to see. Also, trumpets go over the horns and baritone goes under the T-bones. (In the score, Baritone/Euphonium is written in bass clef. You need to include a treble Bb part for the players as many are converted tpt. players) Harp requires a grand staff, even if only playing treble notes. The staff dictates the hands. Don't ruin the English horn solo. Change the background. That can be a highlight of the piece and doubling will take that away. Bass clarinet will sound as you have written, but the transposed part has to be in treble clef. Clarinet players are used to reading ledger lines below the staff. (In the first bar, the clarinets lowest note is an A. They still have more room to go down.) It's also one of the most intense registers for the clarinet family. Don't think of using the 2nd and 3rd parts as octaves. Use them to add depth to the chord. The hit you have on beat 2 in the first measure (appears to be Cm7/Ab) I would keep Tpt. 1 on the G, and possibly C in Tpt. 2 and either G or Bb in Tpt. 3. Nice open voicing with low G or tighter with the Bb. Just an idea. Same thoughts with the clarinets. Hope this helps. Tim
  18. @Coeus That's completely fine, I only noticed it reading the notes. I just thought you might have put it there by mistake and would be happy to be aware of that mistake. But if it isn't keep it there. It's good to have a spicy flavor once in a while.
  19. @Rabbival507 It is actually not a mistake. I thought that little bit of dissonance there suited where it was put, though I don't know how fitting it sounds to other people. Is it a bit too noticeable?
  20. Nice work! The synthetic nature of the instruments actually takes me back to the PS1 era soundtracks. I could see this being in a Castlevania game from around that time.
  21. @Coeus Write a tremolo+crec. on the timpani. Some of the high trombone notes should be given to a horn or maybe even a trumpet. They're possible but difficult to perform. Really difficult. It sounded more like the final boss fight than anything else I've heard. Most of the parts at least. Sounds more intimate than epic. Especially here: I want to note that this idea is great, especially rhythmically. Also, is that a mistake?
  22. Thank you very much for the feedback :) That's probably my biggest works, or at least one of them, and I'm trying to get a performance of it. That's why I appreciate a feedback so much. Let's see. Having this layout will demand more voices. I don't think that the piece should have any more voices, it already has so many instruments playing it. *Why did you put the Contrabass above the percussion? I don't know how to separate them to groups like that (in Sibelius 7.5). Thanks for pointing out that thing about the first page. I wasn't sure about that, but now when you told me I'll fix it. Yes, I feared that thing about the Eng Horn solo too. I'll have the oboes help him. Yes, I'm not that good with the harp neither. They haven't accepted the piece yet, but I've been informed by the Contrabass player that they might be able to get a harpist. Bass clarinet can't always be written in treble. The notes will go far out the staves. I'll reupload the score as soon as I finish fixing these things so you can have another look. Should I give the second and third trumpet the same voice an octave lower? Thank you so much for your time :)
  23. Wasn't sure where exactly to put this, but I figured here would be the best bet. Just a piece comprised of three ideas I came up with that seemed to mesh together well enough, so I hope you guys enjoy it! It doesn't have a name, so I hope that's okay. I'd consider it finished at least, but if this is against any rules, I'll be more than happy to ask for the post to be deleted. Because the sheets don't come out well in PDF form (for some reason, thank you Noteflight), you can find them here: https://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/f9fe44ac366c5c5b8287a4b092a637c2db79c1e1
  24. Okay, so before anyone listens to this, I'd like to point out that I'm not really sure how best to set up an orchestral composition with some choral work, so I apologize in advance if any of this sounds weird to trained ears. 😛 It's a fairly straightforward piece, so I wouldn't expect anything great, but I don't write works like this very often so it was fun. I usually just stick to solo piano. Hope you guys enjoy it! Edit: PDF not working, here's my noteflight score for the piece if sheet music is needed -- https://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/ce89bcbfab498471f17c918b8ea5761ff8feb55b
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  26. I noticed on another thread that you were still seeking comments on this piece. Overall it's a good piece. You have a lot of good ideas and for the most part you orchestrated quite well. As has already been mentioned, wind band music involves more parts than what you have written for. I've attached a score template that I would use for this ensemble to give you an idea of what we're talking about. This band is advanced enough and large enough for this type of scoring. That being said, when you look at the score, please note how the instruments are placed and bracketed. Also note how many parts are getting written for. This is a pretty standard layout for a group of this level. A piece like this deserves to be presented professionally and properly. Page one of your score (any ensemble for that matter) needs to include all the instruments needed. It wasn't until the second page that I saw you had F Horns and even later for the harp and English Horn. ( If you have questions about this, I'd be happy to help.) Band scores are usually transposed except for rare instances. Regarding the writing, don't get fooled by your midi rendering. You have a great Eng. Horn solo written, but they are competing with a number of heavier instruments. The poor player may not even be heard with the background you have. Possibly thin it out to voices that are able to stay in the background. I didn't see a harp player in the video (I didn't watch the whole thing). Do they have a harpist? If so, you need to rethink the harp part. I don't think it's playable as written so check with the player to be sure. (I'm not a harpist and am still working on learning the ins and outs) Bass Clarinet should be in treble clef (transposes down a ninth). Something else to remember when writing for a band at this level, the difference in abilities between the first chair player and last chair could be quite extreme. Looking at your trumpet part and listening to the video, I don't think the whole section could play the part as written due to the range. Take advantage of the second and third part to fill the chord as well as putting the part in a range the lower chair players can handle. Again, this is a nice work, just a bit of refining. For a first effort at a larger ensemble, you did a great job. Hope this helps! Tim
  27. Thank you both, @Monarcheon and @Rabbival507! As you may have guessed, i'm practically a little kid and I've never had anything of mine analyzed or even really looked at before and frankly, me debuting myself with an unfinished piano piece is beyond weird considering that have dozens of more developed choral pieces and I don't play the piano. Despite my lack of knowledge, the world of piano music is really intriguing to me because it's such a classic and versatile thing which I've yet to explore, so to learn more about it from those who understand it is immensely important to me. I really appreciate both of your analyses and i'll be sure to keep your advice in mind. :--)
  28. MeisterSegarra

    Sophia - Puertorrican Danza

    Thanks for the feedback!
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