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  2. Hey all! Here will be my first post of one of my full pieces. Im still in the learning stages and I feel that this is my best so far. It feedback is welcomed I am still trying to improve. Thanks!
  3. These preludes sound great! I really like the contrast in character between the preludes. I think im liking No. 2 the best.I really like the character of No 4 as well! What other ideas do you plan for the other preludes? I would love to hear what you come up with!
  4. Nice! Very Chopin-like. Im liking the harmonies that you are using. I think that going into a chorale like thing after that would be cool, and have a nice contrast with the arpeggiated figures that starts it off
  5. Hey, so im new here, and I am trying to become more consistent with my composing, as well as putting things out there for feedback. Right now I have been trying to focus on form and composing more structured ideas. Im am going through Alan Belkins Musical composition book, and I have come to the chapter dealing with Sonata form. Here is theme Idea I came up with and I was wondering does it sound like a solid theme to build off of. How could I improve upon it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  7. People, please send the ideas to me. The idea is that people don’t know what options there are, nor what they are getting.
  8. Ok. I sent my ideas to Left Unexplained. Hope they get passed on.
  9. 4 preludes of a set that will probably contain up to 12-15 preludes.
  10. @caters Whatever fills 2 paragraphs tops and can serve as inspiration/constraint for who receives it.
  11. So wait, what are we sending? I thought of messaging you but didn't know what to send.
  12. @Quinn I'm the one who will take care of all the submissions, so if you want to participate send your stuff to me. Then, I'll assign each one a random idea, and will send them directly to each person.
  13. So....who is involved in organising this, doing what?
  14. This is a prelude I am working on, and haven't finished yet. I hope you give me ideas to complete it.
  15. Well, the timbre of the piano is very homogeneous outside of the octave extremes. Plus, there is only so much distance that each hand can cover if doing simultaneous melodies as would likely be the case. I mean, the nocturne theme would probably work well on the piano but what about the birdcall passages? Those would likely have a quieter countermelody at the same time and possibly even within the same register. And then of course you would have the bass line and harmony lower down. 2 melodies in the same register is hard to get to not sound like a single melody being embellished if you have solo piano as the instrumentation and it isn't a fugue or canon, especially when you also have the bass line and harmony to consider. And what if the birdcall melodies and countermelody form wide intervals like tenths and twelfths at certain points? I can barely even play a ninth for certain notes(like playing a ninth with Bb as the lower note is hard for me) and I can't play tenths at all, not without the help of the sustain pedal, and in some cases using the sustain pedal isn't . In short, it would be a very hard piece to play piano solo, like easily Liszt level or even Rachmaninoff level, which is pretty doggone hard. On the other hand, getting those same things across with a trio is much easier.
  16. My thoughts too. It's quite difficult to pick an instrumentation with no idea of what the piece will sound like. That said, I do like an string + wind Octet...
  17. I revisited this topic quite a few times, and I never know what to answer. I think you have to decide this. See what formation provide you with the actual tools you need to make this into what you have in mind.
  18. I'd say moday at noon, eastern standard time. It should be enough so that people can decide if they are going to participate. After people recieve their texts we can then decide the second deadline, because each one will have an idea of how much time will it take to complete whatever they have in mind. Also, it'd be important for everyone who is going to participate to follow this topic, so that everyone gets notified of any change or announcement.
  19. I might recommend a deadline, so we're not blindsided by an extra person joining in at the last minute... but maybe that's my competition moderation mindset coming back 🙂
  20. @Jean Szulc Great, yes, I was thinking of submitting even just a sentence or two.
  21. @Noah Brode I think one or two paragraphs tops, so that the composer has more room for interpretation.
  22. I think it would be neat to have it done privately, but I'm OK with whatever. How detailed should the topic we send be?
  23. You people can start sending me stuff, in a few days I’ll assign each one a theme and we’ll see how it goes. A quick doubt: should I send the theme I assign to people privately, so that people doesn’t know who got what until the pieces are done, or should I just post them all in here?
  24. I'm unsure about the form here. It's in binary form typical for a minuet but I feel like maybe it wants to repeat the beginning again which would make it terany form not usual for a minuet. Do you find it concludes ok or do you find it's missing a repeat? Voice 292-1 (1).mp3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SZunAae4BVmFFmRZHhMW7P5x4n0vHHiN/view?usp=drivesdk
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