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  2. No comments? Not a single one? Am I blacklisted?
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  4. This here particular piece is one that has been in development for around 7 months now. Initially the goal was to have it sound solemn, however this expanded to a quick uplift from what it once was. The backstory (feel free to scroll down to skip it, all of it is underlined) was slightly odd to say the least, and at the times I was writing, I didn't even realize I was changing the mood of the song. The background started off when I first felt the inspiration to write, I was in a situation where I felt alone and depressed, there was someone I liked however I realized it was hopeless so I didn't try to talk to her or anything, so I open up Musescore and start going away into my own world. I wrote the first 8 measures, at first only consisting of clarinet 1 and 2 with a French horn plus the many empty staves. I continue to write 4 to 8 measures daily, still thinking about this one person. I'm old fashioned, long term sort of person, that is a drive away I suppose for whatever reason. One day, I make up the nerve to try and talk to her, and to my surprise it went well, at least I thought. I open up Musescore and try to write in the same way as I had previously. NOPE... so I try to create a gradual uplift, which worked out okay I think. So, now I'm looking for feedback, name suggestions, etc. What can I do to improve this song, what do you all think as of yet, seeing that its not even half complete and what would be an appropriate title for it? I'm bad with titles.
  5. Nocturnes

    For me a Nocturne is a mood, a "state of mind". I knew this would come out. In fact, I considered not calling them "nocturnes", but why not? We are accustomed to romantic nocturnes (Field, Chopin). But there are very different nocturnes in style (take a listen to Satie). I mean, everyone feels that "nocturnal sensations" in a different way. So, these pieces are nocturnes from my point of view because they came under that feeling. On the other hand my intention here is not to express any particular feelings.
  6. Trapeze

    Thanks! My tutor said he liked the beginning and the ending of the piece, but he found the middle less convincing. In particular, he said that ending the melody at bar 47 left an unanswered question which I didn't adequately return to, and suggested I add a couple more bars to it. I'll have a think about it.
  7. Nocturnes

    @Luis Hernández I enjoyed both, both have interesting harmony, rhythm and structure. Unfortunately, I see no way to make these two better for they're very good already. There's one thing that bothers me though. You said that what connects these two pieces, other than being interesting and for solo piano, is that they both are "nocturnes". As far as I know, nocturnes are pieces that describes the night, yet there were places in these pieces that didn't feel nighty at all, at least for me. Guess it's something personal, seems like @Monarcheon was right and ideas can't be fully transferred through music. I still don't think that it means that composers shouldn't compose as a way to express their ideas and feelings.
  8. I've always wanted to try writing a piece for organ. Though he didn't write much for organ, I am a big fan of Mozart's organ music and in particular his Fantasy in F minor which inspired this work in terms of structure and the fugal subject which is similar, though otherwise I treated the sections very differently, essentially with a chaconne-like theme and variations in pairs separated by two extended sections. I had posted an unfinished version of this in the incomplete section and I greatly appreciated the feedback and I finally go around to finishing it. I'm not sure if this is actually playable and likely there are many counterpoint and voice leading errors I've missed but here it is in its current state.
  9. Orchard in Fog Violin Concerto

    I didn't know this composers, but I love this concert...
  10. Nocturnes

    I'm witting a series of nocturnes, the first two:
  11. Trapeze

    Very nice piece! Well notated, too. The contrast between the parts is perfect, I like the melodic second part after the rhythmic one.
  12. I’m 13 check out my waltz

    It'a a pity there is no sound. Anyway one can "hear" in the score. I would say that both the melody and the left hand never change, and their rhythms are equal. I would try to expand the melody a bit.
  13. snowflakes fall like humans do

    Calm and beautiful. I think some arpeggios are too dense for one hand (six notes). I love the title.
  14. Orchard in Fog Violin Concerto

    That’s fine. It is a matter of opinion. I love his style of composition. I think it is wonderful that he is composing classical music to be performed in the concert hall venue that is lyrical, tonal, melodic, and beautiful in the traditional understandjng of the word and all at the same time it is contemporary. It isn’t Copland or Rachmaninov. It isn’t film score music. It is a conglomeration of the ideas of Steve Reich, Coldplay, Radiohead, Thomas Newman, Copland, Corigliano, etc. It fits within a new school of composing with other composers like Jennifer Higdon, Michael Gandolfi, Christopher Theofanidis, Johnathan Leshnoff, Michael Daugherty, etc. however it has a very distinctive voice of those people in that group. It happens to be something I really, really like and appreciate.
  15. My Piano Improvisation

    Thank you @Dream Sown and @ilv for your kind words! Actually I recently started going back and transcribing alot of the tunes and ideas i've come up with while improvising, sort of cataloging. Not sure what i'll do with them, but it'll most likely be a catalyst for inspiration in the future. Most of the improvising is really subconscious, though I should probably start practicing more cadences and chord voicings to make it more interesting.
  16. The Prodigy

    The Prodigy for grade 4+ jazz band this serves as a tribute to Mozart and his theme from his Symphony no. 40 main parts are also a saxophone feature with a modernist style minuet/waltz in the middle (ballad) let me know what you think of this ordinary work
  17. Last week
  18. My Piano Improvisation

    Hi @Epoch ! it was my pleasure to hear this composition, it seems difficult to compose this amazing work. Very melodic piece, with dynamic rythm (especially after the 5:00") ! Your parents are right, your musical friends too, as well! Continue your good work !!!
  19. Procession

    Many thanks for your kind comments. The piece has had various titles but I settled on Procession because I imagined a procession of pilgrims toward a great cathedral and finally arriving at an alter.
  20. Fear

    m.5 - probably shouldn't have a second note equal in register to the right hand in the left. Make sure your enharmonics are consistent throughout a passage. mm. 31-32 - writing this in 7/16 seems a little pointless to me. You can just do it in the next measure. Also, if you want clusters, you should just write that in instead of this weird pseudo-cluster that the performer has to interpret. The feeling is derived from a constant juxtaposition of tritones and minor seconds/chromatics, along with a sense of build to total atonality. It's your music... learning how what you write impacts you is probably important.
  21. Spirits of Monsūn

    Nice, I especially liked that tritone @ 3:55
  22. Procession

    I love the "promenade" feeling of this piece! You remind me of Promenade in Pictures at an Exhibition. It seems to be a short journey towards something. I may call it an Intermezzo. The wind band is well-balanced and you did a great job!
  23. Trailer Music

    I am writing music for our school. We are participating in the Grampian's Children's Book Awards and my group have asked me to write some music. This is just the first draft, any criticisms welcome!
  24. Serious Music for Violin and Piano

    This works very well! Interesting how changing meter unexpectedly, or just placing an accent as a surprise really does contribute to a sense of humor. Good comedy is all about setting expectations and then changing direction with good timing. The octaves in the piano add a lot, although I can't explain why I find that funny. Maybe you can? I'd love to see your essay when everything all done. I hope you'll post it.
  25. snowflakes fall like humans do

    That last low note was just so satisfying after hanging out above the staff in snow crystal land for so long. I like this. If it was my piece, I'd wish some of the rolled chords had rolled a little more slowly and deliberately, but, hey for a 10-minute sketch, let's be honest, I would still be staring at about 3 measures. :D Very nice.
  26. Procession

    Many thanks for your comments. I will certainly proofread again as you recommended! Bifocals and floaters in my eyes don't help!
  27. Finale -String Ensemble w Choir

    Really nice piece. Very calm and peaceful. Well orchestrated and written. Awesome job!
  28. Etude No.1: Mirror Melodic

    Nice piece. Rery modern tonality, harmony and rhythm. The Cmin chord is good as is. Great job!
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