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  2. Maarten Bauer

    String Quartet No.3 ,,Friends''

    Thank you! The ut stands for the C in the scale.
  3. Rabbival507

    Let's See Where It Can Go

    @Youngc The idea is to use it as a theme (as you can hear in the versions others did before you), but if you just want to play around with the notes is fine too. Try and make something different from the pieces that have already been uploaded, and contribute your part, with your point of view, with the piece you'd create with that melodic statement.
  4. I think the epic orchestra should be the middle and you should open with an ostinato rhythm in the woodwinds with some percussion
  5. Youngc

    What are pieces everyone else likes that you don't?

    Ragtime for 11 instruments by Stravinsky
  6. Youngc

    String Quartet No.3 ,,Friends''

    what is "ut". Your piece's are great!
  7. Youngc

    What Instrument Do You Wish You Could Play?

    French horn, or any string instrumentmen
  8. Youngc

    The Easiest Instrument to play

    Anything percussion. you just hit it at a certain time
  9. Youngc

    How Do You Attend An Orchestra Concert?

    Step one: Attend and Orchestra Concert
  10. Youngc

    Term For This String Technique?

    con legno is (im pretty sure) play on the wood side of the bow
  11. flute, pan flute, reed pipes, if you make your own instrument you get bonus points!
  12. Youngc

    How to Find/Approach Performers?

    Step one: ask them
  13. The title says it all... Choose style, etc. and I write for it.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Youngc

    Fugal Puzzle

    can you export from Sibelius to an .xml ?
  16. Youngc

    Let's See Where It Can Go

    Do I need to use that as the theme or can I play around with those 4 notes(after I state the musical fragment once)?
  17. The title basically says it all. Suggest anything (tempo, instruments, style, etc.)
  18. Monarcheon

    Let us UNITE!

    It's a little slow for club music, don't you think? Your melody moving from the i to the VI chord jumps and is a little awkward because of the tritone leap. The use of the "Great Dictator" is a little strange considering how relatively laid back the rest of the track is. It clear up some of the monotony from the track, but I do think the track should change eventually, especially when Chaplin gets more emotional. Even club music does that.
  19. Monarcheon

    [Orchestral] Chronicles of My Past

    String voicing in the beginning is a little weird. You start on an add2 chord, resolve to a 1st inversion chord, then continue to an open fourth. It's just a little non-continuous. The chord progression in the next section was very nice. The harp section was nice too, just a little bare. It was nice to hear some additions, but I think know what you were going for and it needs a little more. Light percussion could do wonders here. I'm also finding it hard to understand your rhythm sometimes, especially in the main section. The solo piano section could fix some voice leading since the way it is it's a little too centered on free counterpoint. Good work overall!
  20. Monarcheon

    New in music industry

    Opening: Repetition establishes. That's a great rule to follow, so well done. But think of it as an audience member. How many repetitions do they really need before you move on? Chorus 1: A bit of the same critique goes here too. We know the motive you open with and it's cool you start the vocals that way too, but we don't really need it to be catch-all, especially in the beginning. Your rhythms in the faster passages are also not super even. Verse 1: Movement to the tonic near the end of the first part was a good choice. Verse 2: Much better! This would also be a good place to change up the track a little bit, either with reharmonization or parallel motives. Outro: It's cool to have it end where it opened. I didn't get a real good sense of the arc to this one. Dramatically it kind of stays at a baseline at then fluctuates just barely from there. It's supposed to be overheating, right?? I wanna hear that! Nice work, I just think it's a bit conservatively written.
  21. Monarcheon

    "Back Of My Mind" by Cj Rhen

    This was interesting, and definitely not bad. However, I kind of heard at as a bit of a mixing and matching exercise, where you introduce a lot of orchestrational tools then put them together in different ways. You most likely weren't thinking of it that way, but I didn't get a sense of development because of it. I really think you could have shot it off to be something really cool. Writing was a bit safe because of it. You're not required to stay in one key or sonority. Nicely done overall.
  22. Actually, on second thought, it might be cool to move from the normal moonlight sonata to to a reharmonization of it later on in the piece to make it seem more eerie.
  23. Rabbival507

    [Orchestral] Chronicles of My Past

    @Battlegun Wow that's a cheerful past. I never wrote any complete piece for a full scale orchestra, so I can't tell you how to improve it, but I comment just to let you know that I listened and enjoyed, because I don't like it when people leave a post of mine empty.
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