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  2. UPDATE: These movements have been significantly revised and will be re-posted as three tone poems instead.
  3. I listened to it and thought it was original! Haha. You did a good job of disguising it!
  4. Last week
  5. So you didn't like my shot at plagiarising your piece? I did alter a few things but it wasn't shit at all or I wouldn't have bothered. 😄
  6. I'll give it a try and then I can complain about it and brag humbly that someone stole my $hit.
  7. Oh, that can be arranged. That can certainly be arranged. Just post your scores here: https://musescore.org/en If you're lucky, you may even get the plagiarized version of your work plagiarized again - a plagiarism of a plagiarism.
  8. You know, I only wrote in 4 parts so that it could potentially be done with some kind of SATB voicing, but you're absolutely right. Here's the revised piece:
  9. Originally, the theme at the start was supposed to be much faster and energetic (at 1:11). It's kinda like the main theme of the chapter (that and the "Legends" theme, around 7:04). I wanted it to be brought up after the Legends theme, so I partly introduced the theme in much slower pace (1:11) and at around 2:04 - 3:49, which is much faster because it is an orchestration of the original OST where the composer developed the theme into much more jumpier tone. You can hear me experimenting on how I can bring back this theme slowly at the end and finally fully introduce the theme, which I am going to work on more. I imagined the coda of this chapter's movement would be like a question, like an unresolved chord or something and I figured it's not gonna be bombastic. There are like 7 chapters, 2 of them have already been released, and I'm planning to make each chapters as one movement. Thank you very much for the feedback !!!
  10. Hi y'all, I bet you guys would like to hear some new " Happy Birthday " tune hahah... Anyway, hope you enjoy itttt!!! >>> https://soundcloud.com/user-54415704/happy-birthday >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XdvdyGPSig Verse1: Let me sing you a happy birthday, I don't do it only for praise, all the blessings I truly mean Yeah we're sure gon' celebrate, on this joyous and special day, may you always feel like seventeen Pre-chorus: You mean more than just a friend to me, as we're all each other's family Chorus: Happy birthday to you, my dear Happy birthday, you weren't sent alone from heaven Happy birthday to you, my dear Happy happy birthday, are you feeling it (x4) Verse2: Let me sing you a happy birthday, to wash out all your stress, see the grass around your feet forever green Now close your eyes and make a wish, it'll come true cuz I believe in, may you always surrounded by happiness Yours Sincerely https://www.willykuomusic.com/
  11. I'll have a try later on. As this topic shows I utterly hate plagiarising and NEVER do it.... (usually :D) In those few moments I came up with this original plagiarise, just a few bars opening. For a quartet as it disguises the source better. Anyfink else I can nick?
  12. Both good and clever! The harmony works and works canonically. And a suitable length. Well done. It weaves like the casting of the spell you're talking about even if you've written it in 4 parts - weren't there just 3 in Macbeth? Even so, were it staged, the voices could go on in the background - or simply have 4 witches. Good stuff.
  13. I do know what will come later in the piece, but idk what should come right after the beginning. Also I realized, do you think that the opening sounds too similar to the ocarina of time theme? I didn't steal the melody, but I stole the concept of the melody
  14. May I humbly present my brand new set of variations on an original theme for solo piano, in a late Classical style. Composed some years ago but newly recorded. Hope to lift your Autumn spirits! ` Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZapGoHuesUY
  15. I am not familiar with DeltaRune so the themes presented are totally new to me. Speaking of which - this music is totally awesome! I know I can't give you full credit for the quality of the themes themselves, but you did orchestrate and produce a piano concerto arrangement and medley of the themes. I don't think any of it is corny. There's plenty of interplay between the piano and orchestra. The themes in many places are kinda sweet and cute. I like how you accompany the piano with woodblocks around the 4 minute mark. There's lots of creative ideas to keep the listener occupied throughout. I love the dramatic moment at 7:45 where the orchestra takes over the theme in a much more substantial way in contrast to the piano's slight statement. The repetition of the theme around 10 minutes creates a melancholy trance like state that's really enjoyable. Around 12:55 it starts to sound like it's about to end but then you elongate it and transition to a slow recap of previously stated themes (it seems like you're probably stuck here and don't know how to end the piece). I think there's a danger of disrupting the pacing and natural flow of the piece towards a loud and bombastic ending that you seemed to have developed - it's up to you whether you continue the piece at a fast pace or maybe find a soft and gentle way of ending the piece (which could work too). Thanks for sharing!
  16. I wish someone would plagiarise my music. Im at that early stage in my development as a composer that it seems appealing.
  17. Hello! How is everyone? I've been missing for a while but I'm still enjoying trying to write music, and wondering whether I should try to learn how to do it properly 🙂 All comments as usual very very welcome. It's the first time I write for the violin, and first time I write a first movement in sonata form in a minor key. I liked both, I'm making progress on the second movement (wants to be a siciliana) but I'm totally stuck with the third! Violin Sonata 1 - Full Score.pdf
  18. Here is a short piece for four voices I wrote for Halloween. It's a setting of two couplets by Shakespeare that I really like. I hope you enjoy it!
  19. Original Themes/OST by Toby Fox. Arrangement by TCGFerrum. Howdy, it's me again. I've been very inspired by the OST of Deltarune Chapter 1 and kinda want to make a piano concerto arrangement for some reason, so here's the first draft of it. I don't even know if piano concerto is the correct term to use. The orchestra part is almost equal to the piano part, but the piano part is a little bit more prominent. So I'm kinda conflicted on that one. I do develop some of the motifs and themes to make transitions to the next track/theme, reharmonization and stuff, so hopefully it doesn't sound too simple and cheesy. It kinda has a structure, but it may change as I planned to add more track to the piece. No, I haven't made a score yet. Too busy. Honestly a little bit nervous to upload this draft, but we'll see how it goes. Feel free to leave a feedback down below. Enjoy!
  20. This is actually really nice. The rubato on your playing really moves the piece.
  21. Lovely piece! I like how you walk through different harmonies to create the effect of instability throughout the middle section. I especially like the ending, unresolved. It's like street lights, seemingly unending. Nice job!
  22. Thanks for sharing this, Johan. I've listened to it a couple of times over the past few days and find it to be very well-written. The thematic content doesn't capture me, but that's largely on account of personal taste, not the quality of the theme or the writing. It has, for me, a style reminiscent of Schubert, using early Romantic period harmony with Classical era phrasing and articulation conventions. The only significant musical criticism I have is that the work is left sounding incomplete at the end of the final variation. A combination of factors lead to a strong sense that the work should continue. Perhaps that was your intention? Since you mentioned you were thinking of extending it, I'd personally think that's a good idea. I wouldn't add too much more, but a more conclusive variation to end would make it more effective to me. I also thought that continued arpeggiation in the LH for the first two beats of bar 79 may work better, as many of the variations end with a sustained chord involving both hands (and it works well in all those other cases). Beyond that, there are just some minor details in the score, none of which are significant issues. Hope this helps!
  23. Haha! Yeah, I've been on some other forums that required creative ways around the profanity filters. Usually they'd replace all the cussin' with an unpopular person who was associated with the forum. I'm not making any suggestions. I've used up my daily quota of goodwill with a pair of other thoughts, I'm sure. I always admired Shostakovich for what he managed to accomplish in a dictatorship. Everything changed for him after the premiere of the 4th symphony. Although awful for him, I actually don't think this was a terrible thing for music lovers, as a number of his best-loved works are more conservative in nature and were written after he received the thinly veiled "review"/threat in reference to his 4th symphony.
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