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    • Hello @elmarad40! On the whole I quite like the character of this music!  This is quite a long piece so I will only attempt to review the introduction and first song.  In the introduction you have the sopranos/female voices sing in a very high range for a long time without a breath - at least that part of it verges on the impossible.  I love the piano introduction - I think it successfully builds suspense and expectation for the rest of the piece.  What software are you using to render the choir vocals?  They sound pretty good!  At 1:52 the sopranos come in on an impossibly high note - this is my main gripe with the introduction. The first song sounds quite pesante in the beginning and heavy.  Later it transforms into a quite uneasy fanfare which to me does a good job of symbolizing Parzival's anxiety dream.  The music is quite differentiated and with plenty of different ideas and contrasts yet is unified by your unique musical style.  So good job with that and thanks for sharing!  I hope that in the future I might review some more of your work.
    • Hello @Olof Darin!  Welcome to the forum! I am listening with headphones as instructed.  I actually think this is quite lovely with some unease and discomfort inherent in the slightly dissonant language you employ.  But I think this proceeds quite logically and melodiously throughout!  You might get even more attention from fellow pianists on this forum who have also played their own sonatas like you have such as @PCC and @Henry Ng Tsz Kiu, if you posted a score.  Your playing is very good, especially in the fast parts!  I don't think I've heard any obvious mistakes.  I think I like the soft, chorale-like parts of this movement the best.  The bell-like effect you achieve through your use of octaves in the extremes of the piano register is also quite creative!  Thanks for sharing and good job!
    • I find this most interesting especially after my recent segue into the Muzoracle.  There is also a way of casting the Muzoracle cards alongside with the traditional Tarot cards.  I am not at all familiar with the Tarot however so I don't know if I'll ever learn that. This piece to me is a typical one for you - full of sounds of intrigue, suspense and unease.  I don't know if your goal was to channel the emotion of love through the music because I don't think this does that at all.  It does sound kind of coquettish, like a beautiful woman who doesn't want to be caught.  But I listened casually, without looking at the score so of course take that with a grain of salt.  Of course, as always, your music seems to proceed according to the rules of its own logic and it does so in an interesting way that sustains my interest throughout.  So good job with that!  Thanks for sharing.
    • Hi @veps! I don't know why you wouldn't want to compose in this style - it is quite bold, modern and thematic/motivic to top it off!  It is always harmonically and rhythmically fresh.  Maybe you feel stupefied by how good it is and you don't know if you could finish it?  Sometimes that has happened to me where I've composed a piece where the concept of the piece was too ambitious for my ability and so I doubted that I would ever be able to finish it.  But now that I've changed the way I write I am going back and finishing all those old pieces.  Of course, this is all just speculation - but I greatly enjoyed this short little beginning and I thought it proceeded quite lucidly and logically.  Thanks for sharing!
    • Hi @Awsumerguy! Listening casually without following along with the score it sounds like quite a charming piece!  Although I feel like the melody sometimes is a bit unadventurous, lacking in cadential points lending to an impression of being a little lacking in direction (because it seems to wander up and down and clings too closely to the tonic chord for long periods of time and repeating itself over and over in essence creating a piece without any sections but consisting of a long exposition of the main theme over and over and with some key changes).  Like I said though - it is a charming idea which I enjoyed listening to.  Thanks for sharing!
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