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    • Sounds like Bach. Hopefully you've learned a lot from your studies with his music. Feel free to share your thoughts on others' works, you'll find more feedback!
    • Dude almost sounds too much like the Fm Nocturne. A bit of the B theme in Fantasie Improptu as well? 😄 It's a great study though, it's always a great strategy to start with what one of your favorite composers has already written. I hope you've learned a lot from your studies, I hope you'll stick around and share more as your progress as a composer.  Thanks for sharing!
    • I really love this piece. I've been revisiting Mozart lately and have come to truly appreciate the genius that he was. I can definitely hear the influence from him, but I think you've done a tremendous job in taking from him a wealth of knowledge and making something your own.  I would have loved some more rests in the B theme! It's a beautiful progression, but a bit of phrasing would elevate this to the next level imo.  This is one I'll come back to often, thanks for sharing! I hope you stick around and comment on others works. You'll receive more feedback too
    • Hey PaperComposer I really liked this. There was a lot of creative time signature switching up, and I think you orchestrated this really well. I'm not a string player, so I won't comment on the triple stops (Looks daring haha). I love how you broke up the 7/8 theme in different ways, and really enjoyed the clever use of each instrument. It's always nice to pick out different parts when listening and follow along without getting bored.  I will say that I didn't care too much for the B theme. I felt like the A material was strong, and I appreciate the nice contrast it gave, but as a whole it felt a bit out of place to me. Kind of like I went back in time to a noble's manor in all its splendor every time I heard it. 😜 Moving forward, I would work on your transitions and pacing. You have great ideas that are uniquely you, but it felt rushed in between sections, like it was all just crammed together. Spread it out! You have four instruments, let them all have their time to be heard. You have contrast in your thematic material, but an easy contrast to employ is simply letting the viola and piano play for a little, or solo violin, or whatever combinations you would want to create.  For some reason I've listened to this piece several times within the last days without commenting, so I figured I would share a few thoughts since I've enjoyed it so much. Thanks for posting 😄
    • Hi gmm! Thanks for taking the time to listen and write out your thoughts for me. It means a lot! Most of this piece I fine-tuned, so the lack of melodic moments throughout the first few pages is intentional. The Violin 1 part right after the first big moment (after it dies down and Violin 2 is playing the triplet-y thing) is meant to be the next motif to grasp onto, after the 1st being the opening bars. Minimalism definitely has its annoyances with me. I listed in a previous comment reply above how most music never GOES anywhere in minimalism, and just lacks that new material that would elevate it to awesome-status. That is where I try to improve on the music from artists I love. But again, most of this piece I was very meticulate how each structure was molded to create a series of textures and moments for the listener. I am not a big fan of key changes! I toyed with the idea of one in this, but I want to save it for another movement. The constant flow into new textures definitely gives the piece enough variety and difference to not need a key change to spice things up... if I made the mvt longer then I would be inclined to agree with you! In reply to your questions, I want to let you know that I do not think about it as in-depth or seriously as you might think when making these “polyrhythmic” things or just in general. It can simply be brought down to “I am composing this section and I think something like *this* would be cool” and then if it sticks, it sticks! Sometimes it is cool but I have to rework it. There isn’t any real planning I do ever, but moreso just ideas of “Hey maybe if I did something in the trumpets doing 4:5 it would sound cool” and then it does and I keep it. My music for listeners (and myself), is meant to be a demonstration of unique textures and musical moments more for getting that goosebump feeling (or any feeling I am trying to invoke). Sometimes I use a melody to make things seem bold, sometimes no melody is needed to make a section sound absolutely ethereal, but the intention of my music being about the moment-to-moment feelings you get listening to it is most important. I copied the orchestration I heard in Rite of Spring and put my own twist on it to recreate my favorite music moment ever, but unique to me! For reference... maybe around the 2:55 mark where the strings go loud and it is the 2 clarinets alone playing the eighth notes, quickly quieting to the horns and piano playing the melody/bassline quietly and growing into something big. It is things like this I hope to capture people into my musical world of goosebumps and music-loving. Hopefully my music is for a concert setting! I want nothing more than to have my music performed and head the nuances of my music brought to life. I am not confident I will ever get my music performed in that way, though. Thanks again for listening and talking to me! Check out the other replies for a little bit more about my process and about the piece!
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