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    Please consider reviewing as well as posting. Not only does it help balance the number of works on the site, but it helps you get involved! You may think you have nothing to add, but something as simple as "this was cool because of this part" or "something about 0:35 threw me off a bit" does help. Thanks!
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    • I'd be happy to take a look but I still can't enter as a visitor. As I'm no great internaut I don't belong to many sites at all. Is there a way of getting in without joining up initially? As you doubtlessly gathered from this thread I rely on technology only reluctantly. Paper and pencil doesn't crash. They don't run out of battery. But orchestras expect neat looking scores and part sets and its here that tech excels. Also, the quality of samples now lets a composer experiment with timbral combinations (as long as they're aware of the characteristics of each instrument and don't cheat) without relying too much on the inner ear and crossed fingers. Even so, I keep an open mind on these things.
    • You mean this one: https://musescore.com/? 
    • Ich bin sicher dass es ein schönes Musikstück ist, aber leider habe ich kein Facebook.
    • I don't see the point of scordatura at all, I just don't. I've seen pieces with scordatura and most performers play the notes at standard tuning anyway(example, the C minor Cello Suite by Bach is written in scordatura, but most cellists use the standard C, G, D, A tuning for it). So like, what's the point of writing scordatura if it's likely to just be played in standard tuning anyway? To continue with the C minor Cello Suite example, the A string is tuned down to G in the Bach manuscript. This means that Bb written is Ab sounding, the same kind of transposition you get by using a Bb instrument. This means more thinking on part of the cellist, as usually everything is written in concert pitch unless it is harmonics. And you can get that same Ab in standard tuning on the D string, so like, what's the point. If you're going to transpose 1 string, you might as well transpose the whole thing(which is exactly what I did when arranging Hungarian Dance no. 5 for string quartet, transposing every note). The only case in which I could maybe see the point of scordatura is in the case that the lowest string is tuned down to reach a note that you can't reach with standard tuning. Like getting a low F# out of the violin for example. But even then, if I ran into that, I would just have a different instrument play that F# and not bother with scordatura at all.
    • @Coxi @blongogo @Quinn @ClasiCompose @bkho Whoa, didn't expect so much feedback! Thanks a lot!! 😄 Thanks, got it! I'll add more melodic variation next time. Will do! The score is probably going to be extra ugly, though. Oh, relative to my other stuff it is veeery dark 😄 Thanks! It's samples, but I do try my very best to make it sound real.  
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