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    • I do not read your description of video, but yeah I do feel like your rationale of the piece is to create the atmosphere and describe the scene rather than narrating. My standpoint is not from serious, academic music theory, but only from a listener.   Yes. Descriptive focus on staying in the moment, while narration is more on moving forwards. Just like what@ComposaBoisaid, Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique mainly moves forward following the program of love and hate. But there's moment of description too, like the beginning and ending of movement III, where the English horn and oboe (later timpani) have dialogue to describe the quite but lonely pastoral scene. Later, the oboe disappears and replaced by timpani to signify the thunderstorm coming, both in terms of weather and what's coming to the narration. In Liszt there are so many descriptive passages, but there is an underlying current to move forward, rather than just lingering in the moment. I think the contrast of and between the first and fourth movement is not distinctive enough, and the driving power to move forward is not too strong. When listening to it, I think it keeps staying in the moment and the time doesn't flow much. The atmosphere is really beautiful, but sometimes you will be bored by the beauty if it's unchanging for seveal minutes. In the final moments of Mahler's ninth, even if the tempo is really slow and atmosphere is so serene, there is still power to move forward to attract listeners to a tour of time. I am sure you will! There's so many things to consider in a large orchestral work, and I am not sure whether I will write like how good you are in my first large orchestral work.
    • Many thanks for listening! Unfortunately GarageBand has crushed all the life out of this piece with its very poor automatic mastering. The subtleties and colours I created in the piano part have been obliterated! It sounds much nicer when played back within GB itself, before the auto-normalisation has been applied. Apple have also removed the ability to produce a score in the iPad version. It won't even export a Midi file: so I can't make a score that way either! I think the only way to do it, is with the full version of GB. So I guess I'll have to wait until I've bought a MacBook.  The piece probably ends too soon, as you said: so I think I'll try to expand it out a little.
    • Composed something today... Its been a while...
    • I think he’s talking in terms of program. Like how berlioz symphony fantastique is describes the program very strictly and thoroughly through music while liszt symphonic  poems are more describing the vague feeling of the program
    • Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not familiar with the concepts of descriptiveness and narrativity, in music. Is a descriptive musical element focused on embellishing and decorating the previously introduced material, while a narrative one on taking it in a new direction? I'd love to find out. I think I indeed put more thought into the atmosphere rather than the structure of the composition, perhaps that's just more important to my ears. I wrote a little bit about my rationale for some of the choices I made in this piece in the description of the video, though it's certainly not written from the standpoint of serious, academic music theory. Thank You very much for the criticism, and I also hope that I'll write even better stuff in the future.
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