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    Please consider reviewing as well as posting. Not only does it help balance the number of works on the site, but it helps you get involved! You may think you have nothing to add, but something as simple as "this was cool because of this part" or "something about 0:35 threw me off a bit" does help. Thanks!
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    • Do you mean the Transcendental Etudes?  If you can play any of those you're definitely a virtuoso in my book!  I've played some Chopin Etudes myself but I don't use them as a warm-up!  LoL  The Revolutionary and the Aeolian Harp etude are among the easier ones and I've also tried my hand at the Op. 10 No. 1 Etude in C major and the "Winter Wind" Etude is probably the most difficult that I've ever tried to learn. I twiddle my thumbs and I've so far been unsuccessful at learning how to twiddle a pen/pencil between my fingers LoL...
    • On both viola and piano I have to practice. Usually start with something relaxed I can play, then get down to it. Then end with something easy, maybe an improvisation on a lounge number (piano) or a Kinsey easy study on viola. I still practice a couple of Liszt studies (I can only play 2 adequately) to keep nimble, exercise stretch and aim. They usually tell me where I need more work. Liszt was my best piano teacher. I learned to suspend a melody in the middle using thumbs of both hands. Also those nasty arpeggii where you have to move the entire hand to change from thumb to little finger and vice versa. I also do hand exercises away from the keyboard, keeping up with finger independence. All grist to the mill as they say!
    • So far so good imo.  The only spot that sounds weird to me is at 0:29 in the counterpoint.  What you have here sounds like the exposition to a 4-voice fugue but when it's time to write an episode you just end it ... ???  Maybe you're practicing writing fugue expositions with well known fugue subjects - if so, that is a very useful exercise and I totally support your endeavors!  Good luck!
    • Wow - that must be great for composition!  But could you also write out all the parts of any given symphony after hearing it once?  If so, you're on par with Mozart's abilities when he wrote down a whole mass he had heard in church (I forget the exact story but I think there was only one copy of the score and he wasn't allowed access to it so he decided to write it all down in spite of that LoL).
    • Yep. I can tell what note, octave, and often instrument is being played even blindfolded. The only 2 instruments that I have a hard time telling apart without visual cues are Violin and Viola, that's it. And as far as melodic memory goes, mine is probably the best out of a lot of people, I can hum or sometimes even sing the entire Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Not any specific instrument, just the overall sound of the symphony.
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