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    Please consider reviewing as well as posting. Not only does it help balance the number of works on the site, but it helps you get involved! You may think you have nothing to add, but something as simple as "this was cool because of this part" or "something about 0:35 threw me off a bit" does help. Thanks!
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    • I uploaded this score a few months ago but at that time didn't know how to generate an audio file. I have finally figured it out and it is easier for others to hear a piece than look at a score. I have made one change from the original. The first four semi-quavers of the viola (second bar of the Haydn chromatic sixths) have been dropped down. Tell me what you think? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1INnCAxmURyFeA2Wqxpp83LyIfdhCcsa3?usp=sharing regards
    • I have been orchestrating the Pathetique Sonata. I looked on IMSLP and saw no orchestral transcription. And I figured, if I am going to orchestrate a piano sonata, this would be the sonata to orchestrate because it sounds orchestral with all those chords and octaves, even as a piano solo. Here is what I have done for the Introduction: Where there are 2-3 bass and melody lines, use the full woodwinds and strings(viola I have been using so far as a high pitched bass instrument because often, there are either 2 bass lines that sound fuller when the higher one is in octaves(so viola in octaves with the cello) or there are 3 bass lines) Where there are accents in a loud passage, have the tympani do a drum roll Where there are alternating high and low passages, have the low brass(Tuba, and bass and tenor trombones) double the strings so that the woodwinds can play the entire melody. Have the high brass(alto trombone, C trumpet, and French horn) double the high woodwinds in the alternating passages No violins when the brass instruments are playing, especially if it is fortissimo(just didn't want to risk it not being heard over the brass, and figured that the woodwinds, double bass, cello, and viola would be enough to balance the brass in the quiet passages and the fortissimo passages would have the brass stand out) If writing the pitches as I would normally leads to some of them being out of range for an instrument, then bring the whole passage for that instrument down an octave. If that still has out of range notes but they are too low, don't have that instrument play the passage at all(like the chromatic passage and the triplets before it simply had too wide of a pitch range for the trumpet so I didn't have the trumpet play that passage) Minimize the number of notes only a professional can play well. A few notes above amate
    • his is my favourite quote about composition, from Leonard Bernstein talking about Rhapsody in Blue: "The Rhapsody is not a composition at all. It's a string of separate paragraphs stuck together. The themes are terrific, inspired, God-given. I don't think there has been such an inspired melodist on this earth since Tchaikovsky. But if you want to speak of a composer, that's another matter. Your Rhapsody in Blue is not a real composition in the sense that whatever happens in it must seem inevitable. You can cut parts of it without affecting the whole. You can remove any of these stuck-together sections and the piece still goes on as bravely as before. It can be a five-minute piece or a twelve-minute piece. And in fact, all these things are being done to it every day. And it's still the Rhapsody in Blue."  www.minimilitia.mobi/ www.applock.ooo/ www.7zip.vip/ So when you're composing something, and you're bringing ideas together, particularly for something with multiple sections, how do you know whether two ideas belong in the same composition or whether they should be parts of two separate compositions? How do you know whether two separate compositions are so linked that they should really be two parts of the same composition?
    • We're a small team of two German people that manage the first official voice over for the video game Nehrim. In the progress of casting voice actors and remaking some old textures and designs, we realized how bad some of the sounds and the title music aged. That's why we're looking for people to voluntary assist us. We're in need of composers to help us creating about two types of music: remake of the title song. The melody is set, but we want newer elements to create an immersive sound experience. Original Soundtrack creating an atmospheric and immersive bard song that fits the medieval setting. We're already working on a text, yet aren't creative enough to imagine a fitting melody. That's what we definitely need help with. Sadly we're not able to pay any kind of compensation for your time and effort other than giving credits every time the song is displayed and in the game credits since this is on the basis of a fan project. If you're interested in helping us out, pm this reddit account for further information. In case you want to work with us on these songs, we could keep communicating with discord or the classic e-mail.
    • I'm doing a survey and would love your feedback on the questions below: What do you think about the process of purchasing instruments at musical instrument stores? What is your thought process in buying an instrument? Do you consider brand, price, value, etc? How frequently do you buy/have you bought instruments? Are there any inconveniences? How satisfied are you with the process? How can the process of buying instruments be improved? downloader.vip/ccleaner/ www.happywheels.vip/ vlc.onl/ Thanks in advance!!