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    • This looks like a fun piece to play! I like the main theme the most - it's particularly catchy. Indeed, I think it's strong enough for the main theme of a longer piece. If I were to suggest anything, I think it could benefit from a bit more chromaticism at times as it seemed quite diatonic in places (e.g. m43), however that is just to my personal tastes.  
    • What an energetic little "musical moment!" Here are some thoughts. 1. There is a sense of "perpetuum mobile" to this piece that bothers me just a little bit, and that is, that I just feel like there is not a moment for me to really get a break to reflect on each phrase. May a short (eight note) rest or note would be enough to do this. I'm not saying what you have in bad by any means, and my thought is very subjective, but I will say that there is just no place at all in the piece to really reflect at all, it just goes and goes. 2. At measure 8, I think the scalar motion going upward really takes away the cadential moment at measure 7. I think it would serve you well to just have a definitive cadence there and then start with stuff at measure 9. 3. That section at 9 forward is really quite beautiful and well thought out. I very much like how the momentum is continuous there. Great job. 4. The development is fantastic, good job using the material you have. 6. Measure 48 strikes me as the same as what I said on point 2. I actually think 49 and 50 is a great ending, but is there some other way you can arrive to that then the arpeggio going upward to it? I don't know, just wondering.  
    • I also wrote a lot of graphical notation pieces back when I was studying, the last one I had written this way was in 2009, so it was a while and I wanted to try some stuff out. This piece draws a bunch of inspiration from Rituel from Boulez, with the orchestral groups that play independent from one another. I really liked the idea and I wanted to try to do something with the concept. Luckily everyone who played is really good at improvising, so every time it was something cool, even if it was different. I tend to only really work with musicians who are good improvising when I'm doing this kind of thing, otherwise it's really really awkward lol. Thanks!
    • Best work on the site by far.
    • this sounds more like trailer music than a boss theme. I agree with Rabbival on some points 1. It is short and needs to be much longer (maybe 3 or even 4 minutes) 2. Repetition is not necessarily a bad thing (see the boss fight themes from Yasunori Mitsuda in Xenosaga). That being said, it needs to go in a direction that keeps it interesting. one thing to note about Mitsuda's boss fight theme is that it doesn't build up for several minutes, it's very intentional for when it gets loud and builds and delays it enough to where the loop doesn't become a "not again moment." 3. Related to number 2, I don't know if the bass line needs to be louder and stronger, at least for a boss fight, but for a piece like this that sounds more like a cutscene or trailer, I think Rabbival is right on it.
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