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    • I always enjoy listening to your works - they're often very different from other things that can be heard on this site. Your harmonic language is as always exciting and engaging. I personally have to disagree with the others - I think the trombone here works quite well. I get the feeling of it being a true duo, such as one might find for two pianos, rather than where the trombone is taking the spotlight (correct me if I'm wrong.) That said, the piano seems a little too prominent at times, like the trombone is an afterthought.  Well done on a colourful and interesting piece! aMC
    • This is really really great! I love your inventive orchestrations and the variety of tone colours you use. I like your main themes and the accompaniment patterns with the semiquavers (Bar 2 etc.) I think sometimes when you change to the repeated quaver patterns they lose some of the momentum. However, they do provide a contrast. Fantastic! Congratulations on getting it published. Is it at all likely that there may be rehearsals/concerts for it in near future?  aMC
    • Hello everyone. I am an amateur keyboard player, here to poke around and hopefully learn something, and perhaps offer something of equal value. I have written a few things but the catalog is small due to a bad attitude and lack of musical competency.  They're on soundcloud at [https://soundcloud.com/liddingsandgewis] if you're interested. In my dayjob I cut cast iron in a machine shop. I used to play double bass but due to time requirements, I had to switch to piano in order to obtain better music fluency. Currently I'm teaching myself counterpoint from studying bach, fux, and palestrina, and studying piano.  I still have a long way to go to achieving expressiveness, however. My greatest hope is that something I write will please God, myself, and others.  Bless.
    • That is a trick I sometimes use as well where I substitute a bVII in place of a tonic chord (or just a b7th degree in the bass).  I think I learned that from "Earth, Wind & Fire" LoL.  As for the chord in 156 - it seems to be a C half-diminished chord with Gb in the bass which to me is implying more of a bVI function but then you borrow that G natural from the major mode to me implying a IV (although the chord all along there has really been a kind of ii which I guess is what you mean when you say that you substitute chords) and you resolve the piece of course, in Bb as a sort of half-cadence overall.
    • @PaperComposer, You should analyze the chord progression from 92-101 and figure out what I did there. I remember harmonizing it quickly and not really knowing what it would end up being. Looks like Gb, Bb/F, Gb, Bb/F, F7, and then we end up in Ab Major in 101, which is just delightful. “Hey, here’s this transition where I’m setting up Bb Major, but nope! Let’s go to Ab Major instead!” Composing this way is a lot more fun to me. 
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