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Grammy Award Winners the Metropole Orchestra and Steve Lillywhite Searching for Best Sound, New Talent’


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Hi there,

I work with Philips and as a site dedicated to music, I thought you’d be interested in knowing about two new and exciting things we’ve recently announced:

Secondly, we’ve just kicked off a global ‘Obsessed with sound’ competition, judged by the Metropole Orchestra and Grammy Award winning music producer Steve Lillywhite (as well as a host of other musical heroes like jazz saxophonist Benjamin Herman). We’re on a search to find unheard talent with great sound from across the world, with the aim of helping up and coming artists achieve professional sound quality that can often be impossible for them to produce themselves. The winner will be flown to Amsterdam to have their track re-worked, played and performed by the Metropole Orchestra – and produced by Steve Lillywhite

Firstly, Philips has partnered with the Grammy Award winning Metropole Orchestra (the largest professional pop and jazz orchestra in the world) for an innovative collaboration where you can experience a complex piece of music that has been ‘visualized’ to actually show all the sound details in a recording. They’re as faithfully reproduced as with Philips’s range of high end audio products…

Both the interactive music visualize and the competition are hosted at www.facebook.com/philipssound. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more or writing about this – I can send you more details, images / videos, quotes from the music experts, etc.

Contact me on Alice.Mowbray@ketchumpleon.com



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