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Call For Submissions - $12,000 Prize Purse

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Hi All,

We're hosting a composition contest, and while it's geared towards religious pieces (both instrumental and choral) we do not require any religious affiliation. We seek inspiring music more than anything.

No entry fee is required. There are three categories and the following prize purse for each:

1st - $2,500
2nd - $1,000
3rd - $500

More information can be found at the following link: http://yourldsmusicstore.com/contest/

All the best!
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Guest Teodora Atanasova

Hi Alex,


we (my son actually) are also interested. How long the compositions should be? I didn't find this info on the site.

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Guest Gong Qian Yang

Hi Alex,

I just came across to your composition competition link today by chance. I think I have a new piece for chorus with church bells plus orchestra sound  as back support suitable for your competition. You may search album titled " Sonic Wave " by Gong Qian Yang at CD Baby for the piece called " Song without words " to find out.  Or email me at: yanggongqian@yahoo.com



Gong Qian Yang

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