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Arranger-Collaborator for vocal & choral music


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Hello everyone,

I am working on a program music for 2020 and I am looking for arrangers & orchestrators, while also considering potential co-composers.

The music being mostly vocal and choral, I am mainly looking for people with experience in choir harmonization.

The topics covered in the program:
The seeking of light
The confusion and well-being that such a quest can generate
The diverse spiritual and mystical experiences that are experienced
The benefits of these type of experiences: liberation, joy, lovingness, kindness, purity, perspective etc

In spite of the music not being sacred (that is, based on religious texts), the majority of the pieces nevertheless possess a mystical & spiritual tone that is commonmark of this genre of music. One can speak of Secular Spiritual Music.

I am therefor prioritarely looking for people who are sensitive to sacred/spiritual music, as well as to this type of project, for a more harmonious long-term collaboration

Influences: Sacred and choral music by John Tavener, Preisner, as well as Pergolesi, Mozart, Vivaldi, Haendel and Bach

Extracts can be provided

Remuneration is per minute of music, the rate is to be determined depending on the scale of each music  (there is more than three hours of music)

Should you feel that this project could resonate with you, please send me at least one extract of a vocal/choral music arranged or composed.



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