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Announcement: Richard Strauss copyright expiration in less than half a year

Dark Lord

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In less than half a year from now, on January 1st, 2020, all of the music of Richard Strauss will reach its copyright expiration date. This means that the entire German trio (Mendelssohn, Wagner, and Strauss), as well as the entire Austrian trio (Schubert, Brahms, and Mahler), will all be in the public domain. To celebrate, let's put up a bunch of chamber music by these composers on free music websites such as freemusicarchive.org, as well as on YouTube. Just for fun, let's have a common theme: the violin. This includes string quartets, violin sonatas, violin concertos, solo violin music, and so on.

Oh, and a slight update from my previous post: I am fully aware that there are already copyrighted performances of these works available on YouTube. What I am suggesting is that we upload our own copyright-free performances or "covers" of these works ourselves. That is why I also mentioned free music websites such as freemusicarchive.org. By copyright-free license I am of course referring to any music that doesn't have the non-commercial requirement, but rather is available to be used by anyone, for any purpose.

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