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My composition: That's just the way( that we have to make)

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it's the hardest thing i ever did

Stop thinking about you

You were my addiction

More than anyone at all


I wish you could see all of that

But you have goned

You were my brother

And you left me with nothing

Not even a goodbye 


I couldn't have survived,

Without you, on my life

(Huh, uhhh)

 Now i realize

How stupid i was, letting you go 


And all the verses

While i wrote 

Was hurting


See you happy

And I, sad


But you are my brother 

Nothing matter

I'm glad to see you smile


But that's just the way

that we have to make


But always remember

This isn't a sad song

Maybe the fact that you, didn't anything wrong


Yes, you broke my heart

But it is the way

You and i separated,

From each other

 (Ouh, ouh)


I will just accept that,

Even that you are goned,

I will always love you


Remember, brother my,

I always be in your side And i will always be there for you


But that's the way

But that's the way


But that's just the way that we have to make.

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